Putting Up With Me!

October 17, 2007

I love photographing senior boys! They’re great fun to joke around with. I give every one of them a hard time, and they’re great about giving it right back. Casey was no different, laid back and calm as could be, but lots of fun! Yep, I even know I act like a fool a lot of the time, but it always results in some pretty good smiles!

No Skinny Here!

October 16, 2007

She may have been 10 weeks early, and spent 5 weeks in the NICU, but you’d never know it now! Miss Meggie has filled out nicely. With her adorable round face, and double chin, she is just so cute! A little red hair is starting to emerge on the crown of her head, and it matches her almost non-existent very pale eyebrows. With those gorgeous blue eyes, she’s going to be fighting off the boys before mom and dad know it!

Squirmy, Wormy!

October 12, 2007

Brock is a mover and a shaker! Even though he was only eight days old when I photographed him, he really can move! There’s no holding still for this adorable little man. He loves punching the air, and kicking daddy!

Trouble Times Four!

October 10, 2007

Put these four cuties together, and you’re in for some wild and crazy times!

He’s a Runner!

October 9, 2007

There’s nothing Aidan loves better than running away! Every once in a while, he will come back and flash you a cute smile, but then he’s off running again! There’s no stopping this mover and shaker!

Pooping Machine!

October 8, 2007

It’s amazing how something so small can squirt out that much poop! Poor dad, by the time the session was over, he had been squirted on at least half a dozen times! Even with all the excitement, Jackson remained the angelic model! Posing for the camera whenever possible.

This is the adorable face Jackson was making as he was "squirting" all over daddy!

Shy But Sweet

October 7, 2007

Miss Laney has such a sweet personality! She’s a little timid and shy when walking into the studio, but she’s pretty good at letting out some giggles and grins!

What a Ham!

October 6, 2007

From the moment Emily walked in the door, she was a total ham! With the big cheese smile, the discussions about wedgies, and the twirls and falls! She definitely left me with a smile on my face!


October 5, 2007

Photographing Nadia and Sophia really highlighted the difference between being 18 months old and being 3 years old! Nadia was all over the place, refused to hold still and just wanted to investigate. She’d give us one good image and then she was off! Sophia, on the other hand, was performing and hamming it up for the camera! Turning this way and spinning the other way, holding her hair up, and cocking her head!

They both have great personalities that really shine through their photographs!

Relaxed & Having Fun!

October 4, 2007

Erin was so much fun to photograph! She was relaxed and ready to pose, and smile, and laugh! We had a blast, changing outfits and changing hair-dos!

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