It’s Rough Being the Big Sis

December 30, 2008

Being four-years-old, and having an 18-month sister, means a lot falls on your shoulders. Miss Avery felt the brunt of it, as we tried to photograph the girls together. Baby sister, Addie, had her own plans in mind, forcing Avery to have to scoot closer, lean in, talk to Addie, hold still, etc!

Then there was Avery’s hair that kept falling in her face. Between Mommy and I, we probably said “hair” or “flip” about 100 times! It was all topped off by the “itchy” sweater that Mommy made her wear.

Through it all, Avery was a trooper, and really stuck with it – giving us some great images!


December 28, 2008

Pete, Joey, Pebbles and I just got home from a nice, relaxing road trip to the Ozarks! We rented a condo on the north edge of Table Rock Lake, took the puppies and spent our Christmas relaxing, reading, watching movies, hiking and relaxing some more! It was a short, but very nice getaway!


December 23, 2008

It’s official…I survived the 2008 holiday season! Not to mention, I’m actually still in one piece. Maybe a little (okay a lot) sleep deprived, but in one piece! We designed, printed and delivered over 1800 holiday cards this year….CRAZY!

Thank you all for an awesome year! I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I love what I do! I love all of you! I couldn’t ask for anything more. THANK YOU!

I hope everyone has a happy, happy holiday!

So Close

December 22, 2008

Matthew has been pulling up and cruising around furniture for months, but he just hasn’t taken that final step of letting go. Even when I was helping him stand up, he wasn’t putting any weight on me at all, but there was no way he was letting go. He had a tight hold on my fingers.

So of course, it only seemed fitting to give him a big chair to maneuver around. Which was also a great distraction to keep him in one place. The couple of times he let go, and got down on the ground to crawl, he was GONE! He can move fast on all fours!

Indiana Travelers

December 21, 2008

Another one of my clients from Indiana included a visit to me in their Thanksgiving travel plans! They even brought their adorable, almost one year old, “daughter” Kate. She’s so pretty, and adorable, even if she is still a puppy and full of energy!

It’s been almost three and a half years since I last photographed Faith and Xander, and was I shocked when they got out of the car and I saw how much they have grown! It’s crazy how fast kids change and grow. Faith was still her sweet, cooperative self, and Xander was still his crazy-man self! I wouldn’t have expected anything different!

A Facelift for The Blog

December 20, 2008

Thanks to your feedback and response to the survey we ran a few months ago, we have given “The Blog” a new look! Everything still works the same, we’ve just spruced up the look and feel of the blog and added some new functionality!

We’ve added an easier to use and read comment section below each posting. We love hearing your thoughts and opinions and wanted to make the comment process as simple as possible to encourage more commenting! (Contest Time! The first 10 people to make a comment receive a $25 gift certificate for use at your next 2009 session.)

It is now easier than ever to find old posts. You can use the search button, you can use the category listing on the right hand side, or you can search by date through the archives.

Things we didn’t change! You can still subscribe to receive email notifications when the blog is updated. You can also check out some of our favorite websites, by clicking the links on the right hand side. Most importantly, my goal is still to do multiple posts each week, with a mixture of studio, business and personal information and news!

I’m very excited with the end result and hope you enjoy it, too!

(Of course, kudos goes to my wonderful hubby for all his hard work and patience in dealing with a very particular client!)

Running Faucet

December 20, 2008

Around the six month age, babies are usually drooling up a storm. I lovingly like to refer to them as “leaky faucets” because, every once in a while, there will just be drool dripping from their mouths.

Well, Miss Bella traveled from Indiana to see me, and I don’t know if it’s an “Indiana thing”, but Bella’s drool just kept coming and coming. There’s was no leak, it was a constant stream! Mommy and I had to just keep wiping it away. Sometimes drool can be cute in photographs, but only when it’s a little drop, not a constant flow.

That didn’t stop us for capturing Bella’s sweet, happy nature. She thought we were just the greatest thing, and could not help but smile at us!

Kicking Out the Parents

December 19, 2008

When kids reach the age of three or four, sometimes it's actually better to send the parents out of the camera room and just work one-on-one with the kiddo. Not necessarily because the kids or parents are misbehaving, it's more that the one on one relationship allows me to get great, relaxed images full of personality.

This was the case with Emily! I have photographed Emily since she was six months old, and as she's gotten older, her sassy, fun personality has become more dominant. During the beginning of the session, she was performing for mom and dad – dancing, twirling, and sticking her tongue out. Each time she would cast a glance their way, just to make sure they were watching. I don't mind the dancing, twirling, and tongue sticking out, but I need the back and forth interaction to be between me and her, not her and her parents. So, I sent them "away". As you can see, the results were perfect!

Not Dressed for Winter

December 18, 2008

Taylor brought cute, fun clothes to her senior session, but the funny thing was that they all were very appropriate for warm weather! Only the one sweater was winter looking. So, we got to stay in-studio for most of the session. Which isn't a bad thing, I love in-studio lighting! Not to mention the fact, that it was quite chilly outside. Though we did run out and capture some great images in her "warm" sweater!

32 Degrees

December 16, 2008

After many rescheduled appointments, I finally got to meet Tad! Due to Tad's crazy soccer schedule, it was very difficult for us to connect and coordinate schedules. So of course, on the day that finally works for us, it is a warm 32 degrees outside. That didn't stop us, though! After being inside in the warm studio and capturing some great expressions, we stepped outside. Within five minutes, Tad's nose and ears started turning red and my fingers started going numb against the cold metal parts of my camera! Needless to say, we did not stay outside very long.

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