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I Survived…

A Root Canal. Well, okay, part one of a root canal. Back in college, I had to have an emergency root canal, due to a dentist’s mishap. He had drilled too close and exposed a nerve. Yuck! I found out last month, that my root canal was failing. After two consultations, and many discussions with our insurance, I ended up with Dr. McCreary in Lawrence.

I am so NOT a teeth person. Going to the dentist or anything else related to teeth, is one of my very least favorite things to do. So the fact that I can say I survived, and that Dr. McCreary did a very nice job, is a huge deal! Except for the initial shots, and the extremely uncomfortable sound of the drilling (which almost made me pass out), it was a painless experience. Of course, the doc warned me as I was leaving, that I could have tooth pain for the next week. Hopefully he was over exaggerating, so that when I have a little bit of pain, I am pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately, I have to go back in a month to finish the process. They want to make sure that it’s healing correctly and doesn’t need more extensive work before they seal it all up. I’m sure I’ll survive that trip, too!

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