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Two of Everything!

Identical twins, Aaron and Luke, were born in October. From day one, Luke has had almost one pound over his smaller brother, Aaron. This definitely helps tell them apart. In addition to their different personalities and expressions, mommy knows which one is which! She did paint their toenails for the first few weeks…worried that there might be a mix up.

I’ve always been amazed when photographing identical twins. I can see in person how much the look like each other, but when I start photographing them, they each take on their own look. I feel that I am able to capture their personalities and the things that make each of them unique, therefore making them look not so identical. I’m excited to watch Aaron & Luke grow and change!



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One Response to “Two of Everything!”

  1. shawna on January 25th, 2008 4:01 pm

    You nailed it girlfriend with the one of Aaron giving Luke a kiss, or a bite? and the arm around each other… CUTE!!

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