Tired Baby!

February 29, 2008

Mae was a tired baby when she arrived for her session. Though we captured adorable smiles and fun happy expressions, my favorites were the thumb sucking, of course, and the adorable blankie images!

Tutu Love

February 28, 2008

To the surprise of Addison’s parents, she was very serious the morning of her session. It took lots of work and lots of faces to get big gummy smiles out of Addison. Smiles are good, but those serious looks with her big blue eyes – love them – and that big puffy tutu surrounding her, just adorable!

I Couldn’t Resist

February 27, 2008

Since, Miss Pebbles is accepting the sweatshirt attire right now, I couldn’t resist but to run out and purchase new cute sweatshirts…for both of them, of course! Land of Paws is one of my favorite stores. It is the perfect pet boutique store. I bought them both these Doggie Couture sweatshirts and a couple of KU sweatshirts…they are going to be the hit of the town!

A Couple of Tries

February 26, 2008

Well, it took three sessions to get a happy Christgen, but it was worth it for these cute expressions! At his first session, you could tell he wasn’t feeling quite right. He was a little dazed and a little too serious. So we rescheduled for the following week. The morning of, mommy called me with the announcement that both Christgen and mommy had pink eye. Uugh…definitely keep that at home. The third time was the charm…though it took a lot of convincing.

All Christgen really wanted to do was chew on his gums and talk up a storm! I have never heard so many stories from a six-month-old. I think he was telling me all about the last two weeks, and about his upcoming teeth and the pain that they were causing him. He was so cute, just babbling away. Still serious and focused, but definitely putting on a show for the crazy lady behind the camera.

New Hats!

February 24, 2008

I love putting babies and little kids in bows and hats! la Folie makes these adorable knitted hats. I currently own two – about the six month to one year old size, and the images are just too cute! So I broke down and ordered three more – baby and one year size. I’m so excited to use them. Keep your eyes out for new hat images!


February 23, 2008

On Wednesday, Pebs and Joey went in for haircuts. We had really let their hair grow out, and they both looked like complete fluff balls. Unfortunately though, that tends to result in matted hair…which results in new short hair cuts!

Their little bodies, with no hair, don’t really like the cold weather. Poor Pebbles had a complete freak-out shiver attack. I have tons of shirts and sweatshirts for Joey, because he will wear them. The times I’ve tried to put clothes on Pebbles, she wears it for a couple hours and then she takes it off. (If I wasn’t so frustrated that she was taking off her clothes, I would laugh, because it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. The shirt comes off right over her head – and she’s fast!)

So to remedy the cold shivers, I put them both in Joey’s sweatshirts. I think Pebbles is really cold, because she has now left the sweatshirt on for two days…with no attempts to take it off.

With their short, funny hair cuts and their sweatshirts, they are certainly a pair!

You’d Never Know…

February 22, 2008

…that baby Dane is a fussy baby! Look at these awesome smiles. Between Dane’s acid reflux and constant spit up, it’s no wonder that he gets fussy. With a little bit of work and patience we were able to capture some adorable images of Dane.

Big brother, Blake, is starting to take some interest in his little brother, Dane. Though he’s not too fond of Dane’s crying, we did get him to cuddle up with Dane for a few images.

Blake on the other hand, is a total ham! Smiling, giggling and posing for the camera is more Blake’s style!

Awaiting a Baby Girl!

February 21, 2008

Jennifer is very excited for her baby girl to arrive. She’s got the room all decorated and put together, and is ready for baby to make an appearance. Jennifer and her husband are still finalizing names, but definitely have ideas! The countdown has begun, Jennifer knows exactly how many days it is until her due date – I think she’s ready!


February 20, 2008

For ordering, our clients come back into the studio to view a slide show presentation of all their images set to music. It’s an awesome and fun experience seeing your kids slide show projected on a large screen. If mom or even dad get teary-eyed or cry, I have more than done my job!

Of course, the thing that most dads get excited about is my projector. "Do you watch movies on that?" "Ooh, do you have cable plugged into it?" – Are just a few of the questions I get from dads. It makes me laugh every time – men and technology! My standard answer is NO! "Do you know how expensive the light bulbs in a projector are? – $400!"

For the last month or so, I’ve been feeling that there was something wrong with either my eyes or my projector. I was having a horrible time really seeing the images on the screen. They just didn’t seem to have any “pop”. Of course, one of the first things we checked was the bulb life – we were told that one bulb would give us 1500 hours – we determined that we were only half way through at 807 hours. After trying to change all potential projector settings with no results, we threw in the towel, and changed the bulb to see if there was any difference.

Well, that was it! It was a night and day difference. The images look completely different now. They have the pop and wow appeal back. So good news, we fixed the problem. Bad news, we only got 800 hours out of the very expensive projector bulb!

Mass Chaos!

February 19, 2008

There are no other words to describe two-year-old twins Eli & Ardyn’s portrait session. Mommy, Daddy and I couldn’t help but just laugh – if we didn’t laugh and go with the flow, we would have been pulling our hair out in utter frustration! One of them would start crying which would set the other one off. One would run around like crazy, and the other would want to follow. I’ve learned with two year olds, you just go with the flow. Don’t fight it, just run with it. Even if "it" can run two different directions!

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