A Great Smile!

March 29, 2008

Andrew has a great smile, and it doesn’t take much to make it appear! Well, at least when surrounded by his girlfriend and mom, one of them is certain to make him laugh!

Not Today!

March 28, 2008

Hannah was not interested in sharing the spotlight with her older brother, Hayden. Any time we put them near each other Hannah would burst into tears. She wanted to have photos of only herself! Despite Hannah’s preference, we captured some cute images of them together and separate.

Check out these adorable images, they both have the same crooked smirk!


March 26, 2008

Chugga, chugga, choo-choo! Clayton loves trains! He was a blast to photograph – wild, crazy, fun, goofy! We had a great time, and to top it all off he got to play with his trains!


Cracked Me Up!

March 25, 2008

Laney was extremely talkative at her three year session. In the past, she’s been reserved and quiet, but not this time! She was talking up a storm, and cracking me up! I asked her to scream – she screamed. I asked her to tell a joke – she told a knock, knock joke. I asked her a question – she scrunched up her face and thought. We had a blast!

It’s Hard Being a Model

March 24, 2008

Being a model requires multiple outfit changes, clean noses, full bellies, cute hair and that perfect smile! It was a rough morning for Gabe, with his stuffy nose and major spit up problems. He was definitely questioning his desire to be a model! Through all that, we still captured some adorable images!

Around Town!

March 23, 2008

Keep your eyes peeled – you might just see a Photography by Brandi display! Who knows, it might even feature your kiddo or someone you know!

It Took a Candy Sucker!

March 21, 2008

Tristan was not in the mood to have his photograph taken! He clung to mommy, to his "baby”, to anything he could cling to. After trying to talk to him, having mommy in the photos, playing ball with him, and trying all the other tricks up my sleeves, I pulled out the suckers! That did it – he was all smiles! Now it was just a trick to get the sucker out of the mouth, to get some adorable smiles and cute Tristan expressions.


March 20, 2008

I don’t know if it’s an artsy thing, or a Brandi thing, but I do get bored pretty easily! (probably explains why I love to be busy!) We’ve been in our current studio space for two and a half years now, and I’m ready for a change!

Instead of moving, this time I’m just adding some decorating touches, and sprucing things up. With some help from my awesome client, Sarah, things around the studio are starting to look different.

Stay tuned over the next couple of months, as we paint walls, add new furniture, do some remodeling and various small touches!

In addition, I have been going through my annual process of updating all of our portrait displays. You’ll have to come out and check out our walls. You might just see your cutie decorating my walls!

Teddy Love

March 20, 2008

On the day of Avery’s session, we were getting cute expressions and precious looks, but we weren’t quite seeing Avery’s wild side. I brought out the teddy bear, and Avery went crazy! She gave Teddy kisses and hugs! She laughed and crinkled her nose, and those eyes did shine!

Squirmy Wormy!

March 19, 2008

Riah does not hold still! She’s definitely going to be a mover and a shaker! She went from kicking mommy’s belly to kicking the air. She loves to have her hands up by her face, and don’t startle her, because she’ll break out her right hook!

Can you tell her daddy is a Jayhawk?!?

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