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Thank You to My Friends!

So the crunch time until my sister’s wedding has begun! Traveling with all of my photography equipment, in addition to a week’s worth of clothing and wedding attire, is something I have never attempted before!

In an attempt to lighten the load as much as possible, I have asked my friends for help. My friend, Chris, loaned me her small, compact tripod – a much needed requirement, if I’m going to be in any of the photos! My friend, and our wedding photographer, Heather, loaned me her enormous backpack camera bag – perfect for carrying all of our valuable equipment onto the plane. My friend, Julie, loaned me her fun and small, compact 50 mm 1.4 lens – perfect for getting some fun, unique photos! Thanks to all my ladies – you guys are awesome, and always there for me!!

I had to test out and have fun with the lens Julie loaned me, and of course I couldn’t ask for more adorable subjects! The front window is one of Pebbles’ favorite places to hang out. Who needs an alarm system when you can have a "howl system."

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One Response to “Thank You to My Friends!”

  1. lori on April 25th, 2008 3:22 pm

    too cute :-) Those look good!

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