A Bow Obsession!

June 29, 2008

Coming up to my door, the other day, was this adorable little girl! However, the whole image just didn’t match. Here was this little girl, walking with great confidence, with her sippy cup tucked in between her arm and her belly, completely in control…but she has no hair!

Well, she does have a little hair. Even at one year, Miss Hannah, has not yet been graced by the hair gods. The hair she does have is light blond, so it is very deceiving. However, we can easily address this with a nice big bow!

Even from early on, Mommy has put hair bows on Hannah. At her newborn session, she was modeling the light yellow bow. Recently, Hannah has decided that bows are a must. Mommy says she knows where her bow drawer is and she is not happy unless she has a bow on. I got to see this first hand. As soon as we took off the bow, she would get sad and even started to cry. If you put the bow back on, she was happy and ready to go! So, bows it is!

Joey’s New Do

June 28, 2008

It had been a long time since Joey’s last haircut, and he was very much due for one. He was a big puff ball, easily looking a couple of pounds heavier than he actually is, due to his crazy long, puffy hair. For the upcoming summer months, you have to figure it wouldn’t be very comfortable!

So yesterday, he went off to the spa to be trimmed. I would say he has his summer do now! He’s a slim, skinny version of himself. Don’t we all wish losing weight was as easy as getting a haircut!

Creative Uses!

June 27, 2008

When our clients pick up their portraits, we try to bag everything up nicely, so that it all makes the trek home in perfect condition. In order to do that with our Wall Portraits and Framed Collections, we had to create a variety of large bags.

With the help of our friend and client, Becky, we created these cool, black fabric bags personalized with our logo. They are great, and very handy for getting everything home in one piece.

Little did I know, they have other great uses too! I received an email from Linda over the weekend informing me that her kids found a perfect use for their new big, black canvas bag! "We have a new use for the black canvas bag you sent us home with…. it works well underneath the laundry basket to prevent scratching my wood floors when pulling Sydney around through the house (who is sitting in the basket…!!!) : ) Really reduces the friction so Cierra can get up the momentum and slam Syd’s fingers into the fridge!"

Reading this email, I burst out laughing. Of course, Cierra (5 years) and Sydney (2 years), would find a great use for the big bag! Though I did tell Linda that I don’t promote the harming of children, so the bag must be used at their own risk. :-)

Have you used your bag in a creative manner? Leave me a comment and let me know your perfect use!

Naked Babies!

June 26, 2008

I love naked babies! I love their rolls, their cute bottoms, their chubby feet and ankles…there’s just nothing about a naked baby that isn’t cute.

I was able to photograph TWO at the same time! Way too cute! Look at those little booties…aren’t they just squishable? Aaron & Luke are definitely starting to be interested in each other. It’s very fun watching them check each other out…although sometimes they like to pull each other’s hair and ears, basically anything they can get their hands on. If you didn’t know what they were doing, it kind of looks like they are hugging and loving each other!

Passed the Test

June 21, 2008

Since April, Pete has been taking Pebbles and Joey to dog training classes, twice a week. It mainly started out as a way to teach Pebbles some socialization skills and to help with Pebbles’ "need" to be leader of the pack!

It has been a great experience! It’s fun for Pebs and Joey, and it wears them out and gets them some great exercise. We have definitely seen a change in their behavior, especially with Pebbles. She can actually be trusted to be left alone for a while, without destroying my rugs. With the help of our trainer, Vicky, from Blackbob Pet Hospital, our two little ones are growing up!

This past training session, Vicky has started to introduce agility training, including jumps and tunnels! Pete, Joey and Pebs are really enjoying it. The are pretty fearless when it comes to the activities.

On Friday night, class came to an end with a celebration and a big test! Vicky’s mentor and trainer came out and put all the pups through a rigorous exam. She tested their ability to accept a friendly stranger, sit at the end of a leash, come when called, walk through a crowd, and many other things – including agility jumps and the agility tunnel!

Joey and Pebbles both passed! They both need more training on their sits and downs, but they are doing quite well.

I went to watch the big test, but it turned out that I was a bit of a distraction! While practicing the jumps and tunnels, Pebbles wouldn’t do the tunnel, because she kept wanting to run to me. So, I had to stand far, far away to take photos during the test. However, that didn’t stop Pebbles. After coming out of the tunnel, you’re supposed to go to your handler and sit. After coming out of the tunnel, Pebbles took an immediate right turn and started running across the field to me. I guess somebody loves her mommy!

Peeing Machine!

June 20, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever had a newborn baby pee as much as Blaise did at his session. It was crazy, but also quite humorous as well. Mommy and Daddy both got "wet" multiple times, but they were very good sports! Sometimes you have to be a little uncomfortable for adorable photos!

In addition to being a peeing machine, he also made some of the funniest faces – he was full of crazy expressions! But in the end, I was still able to capture the sweet innocence that Mommy and Daddy will want to remember.


June 19, 2008

When you merge Ben’s first name and last name, you get Bugg. When I asked him about nicknames, he said that’s the one that gets used the most. I like it. I think it’s fun!

Ben got to do a post graduation senior session. With his busy schedule and my schedule, we were unable to find available time before graduation, so we went with June. He’s headed off to KU in August, so this was a perfect end to high school, and beginning of college.

Even though, Ben was mainly here for his mom, he did awesome! We had a blast, chatting, laughing and having fun! (Minus the ridiculously extreme blowing wind! We were lucky that neither of us blew away during the session.)

Triple the Trouble!

June 18, 2008

I’ve been photographing these three blue-eyed cuties for the last five years, since the twins were six months old. It is always amazing to me how much they change every year. When you just look at them, you think, sure they changed a bit, but when you compare this year’s images to last year’s you realize how their little kid features are slowly maturing and changing.

Having the opportunity to capture and document these changes, has to be one of my favorite things about photographing kids.

I just think this is too kwinky-dink not to share! Neither twin was in the camera room during the other’s session. It was just me alone with each of them, during the individual portions of their session. But somehow, completely on their own, with no encouragement from me, they both did the exact same move…how weird is that!

Model in the Making

June 17, 2008

Mommy and Daddy are in trouble! Kennedy is already practicing her model moves at age 5. Her "posing" was cracking me up. She just naturally would move her head this way, and then that way, and then tip it a little bit the other way. Each move was just a small adjustment, just like a professional model would do.

When Kennedy’s older sister, Madison, was her age, she would do the model poses, but they were also overboard and extreme. That was not the case with Kennedy as hers were very purposeful and direct. All I know is mama’s in trouble!

Smirky Grin

June 16, 2008

Not sure where the smirky grin came from this year, but it was Jackson’s default smile. Every time he would look at me, he would have this crazy smirky with squinty eyes grin. Every kid goes through a crazy smile age. Usually the smile is over extreme and almost painful looking. I think Jackson has found his quirky smile…it was quite challenging to get him to leave that smirky smile behind, but I think I succeeded!

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