No Photos for Me!

July 31, 2008

Drew was a challenge! He had no interest in having his photo taken. We started off on the wrong foot when we tried to change his shirt! After a lot of bribing and begging, we finally got Drew’s shirt changed.

Then it was just a matter of patience and persistence. Drew and I talked about colors and animals, we talked about gum and ice cream and cookies! Everything I could think of to keep his mind focused and his adorable stare right on me! A few bubbles were the perfect way to end the session!

Funny Faces

July 30, 2008

When Broc was born he was 8 lbs 8 ounces, so you can imagine his chunky size at eight weeks! I love all his chub! During his entire session he was making funny faces. He has found his tongue and loves to play with it, which results in many weird mouth positions. All of his faces are so adorable and fun to capture!

Double Chin!

July 30, 2008

Ashton may only be four months old, but he’s got the double chin going! Between those big blue eyes, and that round head with the double chin, you can’t help but smile at him!

He was a drooling machine at his session. Every time we turned around he was needing a "wipe." Good thing everyone was wearing dark colors…it hides the drool!

A Woof Woof Here…

July 29, 2008

…and a Woof Woof There!

What a great day! Our Helping Paws (One Lick at a Time) event, benefiting Wayside Waifs, could not have gone any better.

Everyone performed great! There was not one four-legged friend that we didn’t get great images of! We had dogs, cats, puppies – long haired dogs, short hair dogs, black dogs, white dogs, BIG dogs and little dogs!

The weather was hot, which did result in a few panting dogs, but I’ll take that any day over wet and muddy pups!

The best part of it all, was the amazing items that were donated to Wayside Waifs. Everyone went above and beyond with all their great donations! Pete and I can not wait to go deliver the "stash!"

Thanks to everyone who participated! I had a blast getting to meet and photograph all of your "kids."

Thanks to our partners Blackbob Pet Hospital and Land of Paws for their donations to our fun goodie bags for each participant.

*Photographs courtesy of my awesome friend, and Pet Portrait Day helper, Chris! Thanks, Chris, we would not have survived without you!!

Non-Stop Talker

July 27, 2008

Sometimes it takes kids a little while to warm up when they first arrive for their session. I usually start off with a bunch of questions, getting them to talk about themselves, and help them come out of their shell.

This was not a problem with Miss Grace at all! Of course, it probably helps that I have photographed her since she was inside her mommy’s belly, so she knows me very well.

I still asked her questions, but the funny thing was that she ignored every question I asked, and came up with her own topics to discuss. It cracked me up! It didn’t matter what question I asked, she completely changed the subject, and talked about something different.

It’s okay, though, because we still came up with some great images!

1000 Images

July 26, 2008

Matthew’s naked booty makes it official! I have posted 1,000 images on the blog in 2008! (And it’s only July!)

Shots, What Shots!

July 26, 2008

We took a gamble, and it worked! The morning of Matthew’s six month session, he had his six month shots. You would have never known it, though, by the smiles he kept sending our way.

He’s very much into grabbing and chewing on his toes, which is SO cute! Unless he’s naked…and then you get flashed! With a little bit of patience and perfect timing, I was able to get a few images of him grabbing his toes at the perfect angle to keep everything hidden!

Help Us Be the Favorite

July 25, 2008

KC Parent Magazine, a locally owned free magazine offering a community perspective on family life in Kansas City, is running a Family Favorites Survey. Complete the survey by July 31st and you will be entered into a drawing for $5,000 in prize giveaways to CoCo Key – twenty-five entries will each receive an overnight water resort package.

One of the survey questions is Kids’ Favorite Photographer! With your help, we could be KC Parent’s Favorite photographer, and you could win a trip to CoCo Key!

Not a Girl Thing!

July 23, 2008

Hallie is not a girly, girl. She likes things simple! Which is right up my ally! Her clothing consisted of white, blacks and a little green. I love the earthy, simple tones.

Hallie was such a good sport. She allowed me to joke with her, give her a hard time…and though she won’t admit it, I know she got into it a little bit. Even striking some of her own poses now and then.

Those blue eyes…wow! They are gorgeous!

Helping Paws Event

July 23, 2008

I am SO excited! Our first Helping Paws (One Lick at a Time) event is this Sunday, and we are completely booked! The day is going to be packed full of furry, four-legged models!

I will be photographing 34 dogs and 2 cats! In exchange, each model will be bringing generous donations to benefit Wayside Waifs! I’m excited to see our donation pile at the end of the day. I know it will be put to great use, comforting and helping those four legged cuties waiting for homes.

I can’t wait to see the variety of breeds, sizes, ages and colors that walk through the door!

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