Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Watch Out!

October 30, 2008

Brock has this look that just says, “I dare you to stop me!” He loved testing me to see how close he could get to touching the light, or how close he could get to running away. Then he would just giggle when I said no, no, no. I think mommy's going to have a daredevil on her hands!

Our First Birthday

October 29, 2008

As is always the case, having the honor and privilege to photograph the first year of all my little kiddos lives is absolutely amazing! They all change so quickly, and in the blink of an eye, they’re not babies anymore. They are toddlers with great personalities and individual traits and quirks that make them each unique.

Watching these two grow and change has been no different! What a fun and rare opportunity, to watch two little ones who look so much alike, but yet are turning into two completely different little guys.

Aaron and Luke have turned one, and what a celebration it was!

We first attempted to capture images of them standing side by side…no small feat, given that the minute their feet hit the ground they were off and running.

Then we gave them one small birthday cake and let them go to town. They demolished the cake, from sticking feet and hands into it, to sitting on it. Even some of it made it in their mouths and into those big bellies!


October 28, 2008

Matthew is a cruiser! Along furniture, that is! He has figured out how to pull himself up, and is quite proficient at it. Once he’s up, he has no desire to go back down. So he has figured out how to move from one piece of furniture to the next. Sometimes he has to push them around to make it happen, but not to worry, he’ll figure it out!

No Slowing Down

October 28, 2008

Calin is a busy boy! He's all about checking things out, exploring and doing his own thing. Mommy, Daddy and I spent lots of time chasing him around the studio…which he thought was a very fun game! Of course, when he pauses to take a breath, he breaks out in these adorable smiles with tons of teeth!

Stranger Danger

October 24, 2008

Riah has started her stranger danger phase! Stranger danger is never a fun phase, but with Riah it's kind of funny to watch it register.

She arrived at the studio, sat with Mommy, Daddy and I while she drank her bottle. She finished eating and was hanging out on Mommy's lap. She looked at me and broke into smiles, and was even giggling. This lasted about a minute, at which point she just burst into tears! She kept looking at me and would look away, crying even more. Mommy carried her around the studio, trying to distract her, but Riah kept her eyes on me. She would look over her shoulder find me, and burst into tears. After a few minutes of this, Riah calmed down and we were able to start her session.

We moved slowly, getting Riah comfortable to everything. I'd say our patience paid off…we captured some cute smiles!

Family Fun

October 22, 2008

Yes, having your family portrait taken can be a lot of work, from choosing the perfect outfits, to keeping everyone safe and healthy, to getting to the studio on time, with happy kiddos, to expecting everyone to hold still, but in the end it is totally worth it. You will always have that moment in time, captured in a family portrait, that will last forever!

For the Locke Family, it was all of those things combined, but look at the result! How could that not be worth it?!? Even though we spent a good majority of our time chasing two-year-old Jordan around the yard, and everyone was singing and dancing and acting like fools to get Jordan's adorable smiles to pop out, you would never know. It looks like the perfect family moment!


October 20, 2008

On Sunday, we took Joey and Pebbles along with their cousin, Libby Lou, to the Powell Pumpkin Patch.

Powell Pumpkin Patch is down the street from us, just off of 247th & Quivira. It's a great place to walk around and find pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes. We picked up a couple of good ones for Pete to carve, and a couple of medium sized ones for decoration.

The pups loved winding their way through the patch. There were lots of great smells to follow!

Buddy Walk Success

October 19, 2008

This past Saturday was a beautiful day for the Buddy Walk. It was a little chilly in the shade, but the sun was shining bright and warm. Everyone gathered in the Arrowhead parking lot…it was a sea of red! There were games for the kiddos, yummy food and great friends all around.

Pete and I were able to walk around and find quite a few of my friends and clients.

The Buddy Walk raised over $450,000, had 292 Teams and 7,000 Attendees! What an awesome success!

All funds raised will go to support the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, an organization whose mission is to provide support and resources for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. DSG seeks to provide the entire community with information and education to broaden awareness and foster positive attitudes regarding people with Down syndrome.

After Warming Up

October 18, 2008

Ansley took a cat nap on the way out to the studio, which was good, because we did not want a cranky baby. Once she arrived, though, it took her a while to wake up and warm up. We got her dressed and started playing with her, trying to get her attention, but she was definitely in the zone. She'd stare off into space and she'd look around at the studio.

After lots of crazy mommy, daddy and me, you could see her warming up and getting ready to perform. It didn't take long. Those big toothy grins started popping out, and when she started talking to us, she was very animated and excited!

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