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Kicking Out the Parents

When kids reach the age of three or four, sometimes it's actually better to send the parents out of the camera room and just work one-on-one with the kiddo. Not necessarily because the kids or parents are misbehaving, it's more that the one on one relationship allows me to get great, relaxed images full of personality.

This was the case with Emily! I have photographed Emily since she was six months old, and as she's gotten older, her sassy, fun personality has become more dominant. During the beginning of the session, she was performing for mom and dad – dancing, twirling, and sticking her tongue out. Each time she would cast a glance their way, just to make sure they were watching. I don't mind the dancing, twirling, and tongue sticking out, but I need the back and forth interaction to be between me and her, not her and her parents. So, I sent them "away". As you can see, the results were perfect!

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One Response to “Kicking Out the Parents”

  1. Shawna on December 22nd, 2008 1:57 am

    Beautiful girl! especially love the crinkling nose

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