Thank You for an Awesome 2009!

December 31, 2009

Another wonderful year has come and gone, all in the blink of an eye! It has been a blessing to work with each of you! Watching as your families and children grow and change, and capturing these changes in memories and art that will last a lifetime, is an opportunity that I will forever cherish.

I thought you might have fun learning some of our facts from 2009…

- In 2009, we had 147 sessions. Bringing the grand total, after almost eight years in business, to 1,263 sessions!

- The majority of our sessions can be broken down into the following categories: Babies (49), Children (60), Families (27) and High School Seniors (7).

- To my continued awe and amazement, we have clients who come from all over the country. This year they came from Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and of course Kansas and Missouri!

- Of all the sessions we did this year, 81% were with repeat clients. Clients who I have photographed at least once in the past. Just amazing…thank you all!!

- Of our new clients, 74% were referred by our existing clients. Again, thank you…we couldn’t keep growing without each of you!

And last but not least, a quick “Year in Review”! I went through the year and picked out the highlights of from each month, both personally and with the business:

January – Professional Photographers Convention in Phoenix

February – Decorated Blackbob Pet Hospital with Beautiful Pet Portraits

March – Family Vacation to Walt Disney World

April – Bed Head Kids Event

May – Installed Generator and 3 Zone Furnace Upgrade to Keep the Studio Running Smoothly

June – Helping Paws Event and Ten Year Anniversary Trip to Colorado

July – Ladies Night Out Event and Trip to Minnesota to Visit Our Lab

August – Trip to Arkansas to Visit My Grandparents

September – Client Appreciation Picnic

October – Participated as a Team Leader in the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

November – Launched New Products, Including Fabulous Jewelry

December – Survived Another Holiday Season!

Thank you all for another great year! Here’s wishing you a wonderful New Year’s celebration! I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for us!!

Happy Holidays!!

December 24, 2009

Wishing you a holiday season filled with wonder and beauty!

Belly Bump

December 23, 2009

Carrie & Kurt are expecting their first – a baby girl – in March! In anticipation of the upcoming baby shower, they came in to document this amazing time in their lives. Carrie’s baby bump is adorable! It’s just this little bitty belly sticking out in front of her.

I love it when I get a glimpse into a couple’s relationship during the session. You can tell that Kurt adores Carrie and would just do anything for her. I think he’s going to be in trouble…with a baby girl…he’s going to be wrapped around her finger!

The Year of Newborns

December 21, 2009

I was working on organizing some of my favorite images of the year when it occurred to me that I photographed quite a few new little ones this year. So, we looked it up – I photographed 14 newborns this year!

Though you have to have a vast amount of patience and time to photograph newborns, it is one of my most favorite ages. They are just so tiny, precious and moldable!

Each one of my little ones is amazing and unique. Some have hair, even very dark hair, and some have no hair. Some arrive all chunky and pudgy, while others are skinny and scrawny. Some are obsessed with having their hands by their faces, while others are more relaxed and sprawled out.

Of course, almost every one of them “marks their territory” in my studio! (Usually in more ways than one!)

In the end, we end up with adorable images of these teeny, tiny creatures.

I can’t wait to watch and capture all of them as they grow and change! I have the best “job” in the entire world!

Holiday Cards Are…

December 17, 2009

…D – O – N – E!! Yippee!!

It’s official…today, with the mailing of my own holiday card, I am officially done with anything and everything related to holiday cards!

This year, I designed, printed and delivered over 2500 cards for my clients!

It’s fun, every year, to see what people gravitate to and therefore what’s popular. This year, the favorites seemed to be the big 5×7 cards with full framed images. The popular messages revolved around the love of friends and family. I think we are all appreciating, and valuing, those people who stand by our sides and support us in hard times, good times and all times!

Smirky, Smirk!

December 16, 2009

Camden is working on his first two teeth! As they always do, his new teeth are giving him some pain. In response, he has adopted the smirky smirk! He sucks on his bottom lip and pulls his mouth tight, creating his new smirk. I’m pretty sure he’s using his bottom lip as a good chew toy to gnaw on those swollen gums.

Though I love the smirk, and think it’s adorable, we wanted to have a wide variety of expressions for his six month session. Which meant we all had to work very hard to get Camden to abandon the smirk and pull out his modelesque expressions!


December 15, 2009

Lily adores her big brother, Luke, and he’s pretty smitten with her too!

When I asked Lily what she plays outside, her immediate answer was “with my brother”. Of course, when I asked what they played, she said “he throws stinky things at me”! Hmm, I can see why she loves him!

Really though, you can tell he really cares about her. He was really trying to get her to laugh and smile by making funny ghost and froggy sounds from the hallway. What a great big brother!

It doesn’t take much to get Luke to smile. He loves flashing his seven year old “big teeth, little teeth” smile at me! To get his true, natural, laughing giggle, I have to work a little bit harder, but it’s worth it!

Standing Tall

December 13, 2009

We missed Connor’s actual birthday by a few weeks, but I think that it turned out to be for the best. Connor has mastered standing on his own! It has to be something he wants to do, but when he decides that he wants to stand, he is completely in control. He’s such a tiny little guy that it just looks adorable seeing him standing so proud and tall.

Up until his session, Mommy and Daddy said he would just take a few steps here and there. Evidently seeing me with my camera must have motivated him, because, before we knew it, he was walking across the floor to get at us! Mommy and Daddy are in SO much trouble!!


December 10, 2009

Jackson was a stinker at his newborn session, an adorable stinker, but a stinker non the less! Not only did he not want to doze off, in fear of missing something really important, but he made a mess of the studio! I won’t go into details, because you wouldn’t want to visualize it, but let’s just say I went through a lot of towels!!

It doesn’t matter how messy he made my studio, or how much laundry I had to do, he’s still adorable, and we still captured some great images of him!

Minnesota Rolls

December 6, 2009

Robert must have known that he was being born into the Minnesota winter cold, because he packed on the pounds both before arrival and immediately after! I love his little round face, his cubby cheeks and his chunky thighs!

It took a bottle, some rocking and bouncing from Daddy, and being wrapped up warm and cozy, but he drifted right off to sleep and stayed that way for quite a while!

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