Believing in Achieving

March 30, 2009

The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City hosted its annual educational conference for parents, educators, therapists and service providers this past Saturday. Despite the crazy winter storm, the conference went on without a hitch! National and local experts on Down syndrome spoke on a variety of topics including best practices for supporting individuals with Down syndrome.

We were honored to have the opportunity to display many of our beautiful portraits of individuals with Down syndrome. We were given a large space in the corner of the main ballroom, where everyone would be able to see and enjoy our portraits.

I was very happy with the way the display came together, and really felt that it showed off the beauty and personality of the featured kiddos!

Didn’t Pete do a nice job setting up the display and taking photos of his hard work? He had to travel through the blowing snow storm to do so! Thanks, Pete!

Lost Emails

March 29, 2009

This past week, I have been having some email difficulties. We thought it was only regarding emails between Pete and I, but I think it may have been bigger than that.

We were able to get the problem fixed, but any emails that were sent but not received are lost forever!

As many of you know, I correspond frequently via email, and I’m always quick to reply. So, if you sent me a message in the last week and I haven’t responded to you, please resend it. Your email must have been one of the chosen ones!

My apologies for any inconvenience this causes!

Daddy & His Boys

March 27, 2009

Doug brought his two handsome boys into the studio for a session and a guys day.

I’m sure this wasn’t really on the top of Grant’s list for a fun, Saturday morning activity, being fifteen and a freshman in high school, but he was a great sport! Flashing me awesome smiles and tickling and playing with his brother Michael.

Michael loves Elvis! When daddy talks like Elvis, Michael breaks out into this huge grin. He told me that his favorite song is Hunk of Burning Love. Unfortunately, he was too shy to sing it for me, but I bet he’s awesome!

Stranger Danger

March 26, 2009

It quickly became quite obvious that AJ has entered his stranger anxiety phase. I’m not used to this happening at the six month session, usually it’s a little later than that, but as I always say the kiddo runs the show! If I got too close or spoke too loud, his little face would ball up and the sobs would start coming.

With lots of help from mommy and daddy we were able to work around the stranger anxiety and still capture adorable images of AJ and his big blue eyes!

Not to mention, that adorable bootie!

Considering that AJ has two older sisters, I think Daddy’s pretty excited to have a boy! Daddy’s Royals buddy in the making!


March 25, 2009

Madeleine does not have a pause button! Mommy and Daddy left us alone in the studio so we could have a one on one photo session, which was great! But the minute they left the room, Madeleine just started talking and talking. I heard about the St. Patrick’s Day parade, a trip to Disney World, the Disney World parade, an upcoming trip to Disneyland, Santa Claus, her birthday, her sister’s timeout, her tennis lessons, her gymnastics lessons, the list goes on and on! Only when she’d pause, to take a breath, or think about something, was I able to capture an image where her mouth wasn’t open talking!

It was awesome that she was so comfortable with me, I really got to see the true Madeleine. I just had to keep on my toes to capture images that reflect Madeleine and her personality!

Accidents Do Happen

March 24, 2009

Not even five minutes into Kaylin’s newborn session, she lets out an explosive bowel movement…all over daddy’s pink shirt, my floor, on the towel and almost made the wall! Mommy and I immediately start cracking up. How can you not laugh when it’s all over?!? So we get everyone cleaned up and settled back in, and not sixty seconds later, a second explosion. Again, laughing ensues! Wouldn’t you believe it, one more time…just a few seconds later, after everything had been cleaned up…another explosion. At this point, hysterics have set in…really, how does SO much come out of such a little precious angel!

We made it through the rest of the session. There were a few peeing incidents, but nothing that compared to the beginning of the session.

Despite the very “unlady-like” behavior, Kaylin looked like an angel with her pink bow and handmade quilt. She loved flashing those blue eyes at me and was great at giving me lots of adorable expressions!


March 23, 2009

You would think that the older a kiddo gets, the easier they are to photograph. But that is not the case at all! It completely depends on the kid, but at each age, there is usually one or two things that you have to be creative with and work through.

This year, our biggest challenge with Gillian was her cheesy smile! I don’t know where this smile came from, but it was her go-to smile during the entire session. It was the biggest, craziest smile, and her whole body got into it! At the beginning, it was quite hilarious. I would take my camera down from my face and she would talk to me. As soon as I brought the camera back up, she’d pause in midsentence and turn on the cheese.

Through lots of questions and conversations back and forth, she finally relaxed and was comfortable with me and the camera. This doesn’t mean the cheese went away, but there were a lot more classic expressions in between the cheese!

No Stopping

March 18, 2009

Ilena is two and full of energy! There was very little stopping or pausing during her entire session. She was running circles or climbing or rolling or stomping…whatever it was, there had to be movement. Frequently, she would pause to flash me an adorable Ilena expression!

But don’t try to restrict her movement. If we picked her up, she immediately started squirming and would say “Down, please”. It’s funny how kids can be so polite even when they are giving you a command!

Spring Break Sleepover

March 17, 2009

For their Spring Break, Joey and Pebbles had a sleepover with their Cousin Libby! Aunt Lori and Uncle Scott said the evening went very well. Lots of playing, sleeping, walks, potty trips outside (though they never quite figured out the doggie door), more playing and some more sleeping!

Lori & Scott aren’t so sure about the three dogs in one bed sleeping routine, though! Especially when all of them insisted on cuddling up with Scott!

I Scream, You Scream

March 12, 2009

We had a great time at Jackson’s two year session. Of course, it went like most two year sessions go, smiles, laughs, a few tantrums, some tears, but mainly a lot of fun! The best part was getting Jackson to scream. If mommy and I yelled really loud, he would just crack up and laugh at us. After some encouragement he let out his adorable screams. Ah, when a two year old’s scream is cute, you know you’re having a good time!

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