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I Did It!

Elise’s two year session was smooth sailing! She was in a great mood, totally willing to be here and excited to have her photo taken. Big difference from her 18 month session, when we spent the entire time chasing her around the studio!

She’s currently in the repeater stage, where anything you say is fair game to be repeated. I loved listening to her little one liners, that I know she has gotten from daddy. My favorite statement of hers was “I did it!” She would say this after sitting on the stool or getting off the stool, she would exclaim “I did it!”. There was so much excitement in her voice and she was so proud of herself, that it’s hard not to just smile and laugh right along with her!

Elise’s last three sessions – One Year, 18 Months and Two Year. Isn’t it amazing how much they change? Do you think Mommy likes pink for her girly girl?!?

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