Twisting Dad’s Arm

July 29, 2009

Dad’s idea of fun is not necessarily a trip to see the family photographer! He loves having portraits of his boys and their beautiful mother, but he’d rather not be in them himself. After some gentle prodding from Mom, we set up a time to do a family portrait with all of them together!

Dad was such a great sport, patient, while a little man was squirming all over the place, flashing me his great smile, even giving Mommy a kiss on the cheek when asked to!

It was all worth it! Now they will have beautiful family portraits with all four of them to remember this time in their lives forever!

She’s a Pro!

July 28, 2009

Miss Grace is a pro when it comes to portrait sessions! I have been photographing her since she was in her Mommy’s belly. This year, she turned five years old! It is so crazy for me to think of this little itty bitty tiny baby that fit into Daddy’s arms perfectly, and now she’s this grown up, big girl who remembers everything I say and do!

From the minute she walked in the door, she was ready to perform! She had the smile ready, knew what I was going to say to make her laugh and was mimicking every move I made! When we changed clothes to go outside, she was practically out the door and running to the bench before I could say stop. Even though we used the bench last year, she wanted to use it again. Grace is all about consistency! If we spun last year, then we have to spin this year, etc!

We had a great time! We were both just laid back, easy going ladies!

Hey, Brandi!

July 27, 2009

That was Isaac’s favorite statement during his entire session. Hey Brandi, why you do that? Hey Brandi, why do you press that button? Hey Brandi, why did you turn your camera?

He is definitely the little man who wants to know everything! He doesn’t stop talking, asking questions or for that matter, moving. He’s always fidgeting! But he is SO full of personality! He can give me the serious face, the nice smile, the cheesy smile, the sad face…it just goes on and on…just like his energy!!

(A Perfect example…Mom told me a story about their recent vacation to Phoenix. Isaac was just SO excited to see everything. He didn’t want to miss a second. They’d be riding in the car somewhere and in midsentence and in midbite of food he would just fall asleep. He was so exhausted from making sure he didn’t miss a thing! I can totally picture it in my mind!)

Portrait Time

July 23, 2009

Pete & I decided that our ten year anniversary was a pretty good excuse to update our portraits. Every year we try to create a family portrait for our holiday card, but we never photograph just the two of us. It’s been quite a few years since the last time!

After over an hour, lots of sweat and our patience running out, we remember why! It is very challenging to take photos of yourself. There is a lot of trial and error! As a result, there are a lot of images that will never see the light of day! The camera goes on a tripod, I position Pete, I focus the camera, press the shutter all the way down and then run to get in position before the timer goes off. Then I come back to look at the back of the camera, and announce that’s no good! We do this over and over (and over) until I think we’ve got a good one. Not an easy feat!

However, I think we got some nice ones! Now we just need to decide which images we will hang on the walls!


July 21, 2009

Lately, we have been over run with bunnies! At almost any time, you can look out the window and see bunnies hopping along.

Shortly after Xander arrived for his session, he looked out the window and there was a bunny hopping down the path. He was mesmerized! He just stood and stared. Then he looked the other way and there were two bunnies playing in the grass. He was frozen, gasping and pointing! Bunnies…he was in love! For the entire rest of the session we were looking for bunnies, under the chair, in the chair, wherever we could find them!

Family Time!

July 21, 2009

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of life, so it’s awesome to step back, take a breath, and capture moments that you’ll want to remember, because they fly by so quickly. Yes, your children are all grown up, and they’re away at school, but what a special time! That moment where they stop being your “kid” and start being an adult, with careers, futures and maybe even families of their own!

Over the past few years, I have had the awesome opportunity to photograph both Emma and Ben’s senior portraits. Next summer it will be Chloe’s turn!

Last summer, when Mom and I chatted, we discussed this summer as a perfect time to do a family portrait. It is time to capture those last moments, before Emma graduates from college, Chloe graduates from high school, and before any in-laws are added to the family.

This is a very fun loving family, full of smiles and laughs. One of my favorite things about family portrait sessions is picking on Dad! Jerry was a great sport, always laughing and smiling, no matter which pose I put him in!

Pushing Through

July 18, 2009

Poor baby Bella. She came all the way from Indiana to celebrate her one year session, and then she didn’t feel well! We’re not sure if it was just her teeth that were bothering her, or if she was coming down with a cold. She just wasn’t having a good day.

That’s the only bad thing about having an out of town photographer…there’s not a lot of options for rescheduling. So we pushed through, taking lots of cuddle, snack and blankie breaks! In the end we captured some adorable images of Bella and her big blue eyes!

Time Flies!

July 16, 2009

There is nothing like photographing these two cuties, that reminds me of how fast time flies and how old I am becoming! The first time I photographed these two, they were just six months old. This May, they graduated from Kindergarten and turned six years old!

Wow! That’s all I can say. I can remember just like yesterday, when they were just little bitty peanuts. Now, they’re little bitty people, full of personality, big hearts and sass!

6 Month Cuties!

Now 6 Year Old Cuties!

No Sleep For Camden

July 15, 2009

Camden may have walked in the door asleep, but once naked, and exposed to the world, he was wide awake. Mommy worked very hard to get him to fall back asleep and she succeeded! However, once Daddy touched him he was wide awake! It worked out perfectly, we were able to get sleeping images with Mommy and blue eyed images with Daddy!

I think Camden may take the award for the most blow outs in a session! I’m even convinced that he was playing us. As soon as we took the towel away, out it came! Put the towel up, nothing. Take the towel away, explosion! I know on the inside he was just laughing hysterically at us!

Despite not loving being naked, he pulled through like a champion and gave us some adorable images!

Ladies Night Out Fun!

July 14, 2009

We could not have picked a better evening for Ladies Night Out. Yes, it was a little warm, but the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and it was just a great evening to do a little shopping, enjoy some yummy food, get an Arbonne makeover and strike a pose for a new Facebook profile pic.

With the help of some great friends, we transformed the studio into an pink, orange and black oasis of Ladies Night Out decor

The first 30 attendees received an awesome gift bag including fun items from all our participants. There were unique jewelry pieces, custom created holiday bags and ornaments, travel skin care products, massage oil and lotion, a yoga dvd, fun blank note cards and a few other fun small items! I thought the gift bags came out perfectly!

I spent the whole night photographing lots of beautiful ladies! In the past, my events have always included kiddos and animals. Working with beautiful, adult ladies was definitely a change, but a TON of fun!

With the normal summer humidity of Kansas, everyone was in need of a little tender loving care! Skin Care by Kimberly worked with some great Arbonne products and lots of hairspray to get everyone ready to see me.

Cindy, with Silpada, had a gorgeous display, full of unique jewelry pieces. Not only did she have pieces available for special order, but she had some pieces available for you to take home that night!

Sunflower Creations had many of her unique creations on display! Becky does custom embroidery and quilting by request. She can embroider anything, from t-shirts, to burp cloths, to a child’s suitcase! It was fun for everyone to get a peek at all the one of a kind things Becky can create.

Heidi, with YogaXoga, was there with her brand new DVD! A DVD including three twenty minute classes, perfect for those of us who have no free time! Twenty minutes, right before you go to bed, is perfect for calming your crazy head…how could you ask for anything more!

Everyone got to take advantage of Jennifer’s Hands of Healing massage! Jennifer brought her massage chair and provided neck and shoulder massages to relax everyone! With the massage and available Sangria, all the ladies were relaxed and ready for their mini portrait sessions!

Then, there were the fantastic raffle items donated by everyone! Every half hour we raffled off one of the items. It was so much fun hearing the ecstatic screams from the winning ladies!

A HUGE thanks goes out to my friend Chris and her hubby Dave! They prepared all the yummy food and drink! It was an amazing spread, and quite tasty!

Without the help of my great friend Shawna, my sister Lori, my friends Chris and Dave, all the vendors and their hubbys, and my hubby, Pete, Ladies Night Out would not have run so smoothly! I can’t thank them all enough!

The biggest thanks goes to all the ladies who joined us for what turned out to be an awesome, fun evening!!

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