Daddy & His Girl

August 31, 2009

I love photographing the relationship between Daddy and his little girl. Usually, Dads start out unsure about the whole girl thing. They’re comfortable with boys because they can rough house, wrestle and play sports with them, but girls are a whole different world. It doesn’t take long, however until Daddy is wrapped around his little girl’s finger.

Hannah and her Daddy are no different. Whether or not he’ll admit it, Daddy is wrapped around her little finger, but the best part is that she thinks he’s just as cool! Hannah was very much into giving Daddy kisses and squeezes and jumping on Daddy! A secret for Dads…girls aren’t too bad at rough housing!

Expression Queen

August 30, 2009

Lila was hilarious at her one year session. She was pulling out the expressions right and left! She had a variety of smiles, from big grins to small smirks, she had her frustration look, she had her serious look and then she had her crazy excited looks. She just got so excited, her arms would shoot out, her face would scrunch up and she would celebrate!

Third Kid!

August 29, 2009

Alec’s two older siblings accompanied him to his nine month session. I got to see first hand what Alec puts up with on a daily basis. His sister was in his face, trying to help put pants on him, even though he already had pants on. She was also trying to tickle him and make him laugh. Big brother was dancing, clapping, tickling and got in his face to yell boo. Throughout it all, Alec just stared at them and smiled.

He is a resilient little man! He’s able to handle anything. Of course, he really has never had a choice. They love him and they’re going to let him know, the only way they know how!


August 27, 2009

Julie is a smiler! That is her natural instinct. She looks at you and she flashes that beautiful smile!

She’s convinced that she can’t do serious very well, but I disagree! I think she looks like a model, with those big blue eyes and pouty lips.

At the end of her session, I figured out why she can do serious so well…it’s her tennis competition face! I asked her to make the face she makes when she’s getting ready to wipe someone off the court, and out came those big eyes and that intense concentration. She’d scare me on the tennis court. Of course, with my tennis skills, it wouldn’t take much!

Thanks for all those awesome smiles, Julie!

Happy Birthday, Pete!

August 25, 2009

Three cheers for my hubby today! He’s turning the double three…33!! Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner and true love!

Second Grade Excitement

August 24, 2009

Allison is turning eight and she’s gearing up for second grade! She found out who her teacher is going to be, and she is SO excited! Just talking about this teacher makes her giddy! How awesome is that?!? Ah, to be in second grade and excited for school…that certainly takes me back!

I’m always asked what my favorite age is to photograph. Sure there are some ages, like newborn, that I think are just priceless, but really I love every age. There’s always something unique happening in their lives.

I just love Allison’s big grown up front teeth this year! Combined with the headband and the pulled back hair, she looks so grown up to me! I know it wasn’t that long ago that she was just a little squirt with crazy curly hair and little bitty teeth. The one thing that hasn’t changed…her sass! Even at three, she could turn on the sass, and now it just makes us both laugh!

Curly & Red!

August 22, 2009

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating! I love curly hair! It’s fun, because it can be messy and fly away, and it’s okay. Straight hair has to lay just perfectly or else it looks bad.

I loved Elise’s hair…not only was it curly, but it was red! Combine that red hair with those unique eyes, and she has a stunning look!

My favorite expression of Elise’s was her smirk. We’re half way into her session, and out of nowhere, comes this smirk. It’s sassy and cute at the same time!

Beautiful Ladies

August 19, 2009

Last month, we hosted our Ladies Night Out event. Ladies were invited to come out to the studio, do a little shopping, eating and relaxing.

In addition, Skin Care by Kimberly provided complimentary makeovers and touch ups, and I had the honor of photographing all the beautiful ladies for new Facebook profile pics!

Check out some of our beautiful ladies…

Surrounded by Ladies!

August 12, 2009

Tanner is one lucky man! He has three beautiful ladies at his beck and call! Between Grandma, Mommy and Aunt Carrie, I don’t know who spoils him more! But with those big eyes and that cute, curly hair, how could you not just fall under his spell!

Lots of Laughs!

August 12, 2009

Although the main reason Kyle came out for his Senior Portrait Session was because it was what his Mom wanted, we ended up having a lot of fun. I don’t know if he would willingly admit that, but I have the laughing and smiling images to prove it!

Laughing is pretty much all Kyle and I did during his entire senior session. It was so much fun! I love photographing guys, because I can give them such a hard time, and they give it right back!

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