September 30, 2009

A session with Jacob and Elyse usually means there will be some craziness involved. This year, the craziness was totally based on their ages and the typical behaviors of a two year old and an almost five year old.

Elyse, being two, did not want us to do anything for her! She wanted to do it herself, and she was going to do it when she wanted, not when we asked her. After watching her run around the studio, back and forth, back and forth, I really began to wonder how I could get some of her energy. When she did turn those big eyes to the camera, your heart just melts!

Jacob is at the stage where he thinks he knows the smile you want to see. Unfortunately it is a clenched teeth smile that is not very natural. When I would ask him some questions, encouraging him to talk, and release his teeth, he still answered with teeth clenched together. Grandma gave me some great advice…he likes jokes! We spent the majority of the session telling knock-knock jokes. This definitely helped him loosen up and flash his real smiles!

All About the Clothes

September 30, 2009

Now that Cierra is in first grade, and turning seven, she is much more involved and opinionated about selecting her portrait session outfits. Sometimes that can result in very interesting combinations, but I thought Cierra did a fabulous job! It was fun to see what caught Cierra’s eye and stood out to her.

I love the bright colors; they totally match Cierra’s personality! Spunky and sassy! Not to mention, all the fun accessories make her look very model-like. Combine that with her desire to strike poses and she’s a natural!

Water Faucet

September 28, 2009

Felix walked in the door and the water faucet just turned on! It wasn’t the cute drool that drips slowly down the lip with a little droplet at the end. Instead, this was the drool that you could wash your hands with, there was so much! It was just crazy and ridiculous how much was coming out of this little bitty guy! I know Mommy went through tons of Kleenex trying to wipe his face free of all the drool that was coming.

Combine the faucet with the constant movement, and you have a crazy, fun filled, one year session!


September 28, 2009

Jake is one year old, and, though I can’t quite understand anything he’s saying, he will talk my ear off! He just blabbers and blabbers. It’s very entertaining! My favorite is when we say something, and he turns and looks at us, and then just starts talking and talking. I’m convinced he’s disagreeing with us and giving us his argument as to why he’s right. We just can’t understand him!

The Things We Do!

September 27, 2009

Ava was interested in having her photo taken. She’d stare right at the camera, but we couldn’t get her to crack a smile for anything! Mommy and Daddy are convinced that I have a hidden camera somewhere capturing the crazy things they were doing in an attempt to get a smile out of Ava. Everything from singing, to dancing, to making weird noises, to playing peek-a-boo! Everyone in the room was exhausted by the time the session was over…but it was totally worth it! Ava gave us some great gummy smiles and some adorable, serious, big-eyed expressions, too!


September 25, 2009

Addie may only be two, but you can already tell she’s going to have a big heart! She was a little bit reserved at the beginning, but after a while she relaxed and started talking to me. She spoke in a very soft voice, almost a whisper. We talked about her family and what they were all doing. She was very concerned about the doggies in the necklace that I wear. She wanted to know their names, and continued to come up to me and point at both of them during the session. At the end of session, not only did I get a high five, I got a big hug from sweet Addie!

Sibling Love

September 24, 2009

Justin and Cassidy are an awesome duo! He’s such a great big brother and she just adores him. They are very sweet together, holding hands, being each other’s support and bringing the laughter and smiles!

They were full of the giggles, smiles and even some dimples the night of their session. We had such a great time laughing and joking!

Sleepy Baby

September 23, 2009

It took awhile to get Ava to fall asleep. She was fighting it hard. She’d grunt, throw her arms up and then sort of settle down and then she’d grunt some more. Eventually, with some food in her belly, and some cozy mommy time, we transitioned to my trusty bean bag. Once in there, she settled down and fell into a deep, deep sleep. I turned her every which way and she was striking poses right and left. We even transitioned her into Daddy’s arms then to Mommy’s arms…she didn’t care. She was good to go!


September 23, 2009

Looking at this little nine pound cutie, you would never imagine the noises that come out of him. During his entire session, he never stopped grunting, squeaking, sighing, and cooing. Even when he feel asleep, the noises just kept coming. I couldn’t help but giggle and laugh at him. The volume of noises that came out of that little bitty body just crack me up!

I wonder if he’s going to be a talker when he grows up, or if he’s getting it all out now and will be the strong silent type? I guess we shall see!

It Took Some Time

September 22, 2009

It took a little bit of warm up time, including a sucker, some snack sticks, water, lots of shenanigans on my part, but eventually Gabe got into his session. We played the “where is Gabe?” and “where is Brandi?” game. We climbed, we jumped, we bounced, we ran! It didn’t matter what we did, as long as we were constantly on the move! There’s no sitting down for two year old Gabe!

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