Happy Halloween!!

October 30, 2009

Joey and Pebbles want to wish you a Boo-riffic Halloween!!

Also, to see all the winners from the Land of Paws Monster Bash last weekend, mentioned in my Cutest Puppies in KC post, click here!

Yeah, Yeah…

October 29, 2009

…today is my birthday. I’m officially 32!

My Dad posted this OLD photo of me on Facebook. I figured all of my non-Facebook friends and blog followers would enjoy seeing this, too…so here you go!

We Stepped Up!

October 27, 2009

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, there’s was just a light breeze in the air, and the chill was minimal.

We headed off to Arrowhead, to take part in the annual Step It Up For Down Syndrome Walk. If you’ve never been, it is definitely an event not to be missed!

It’s the perfect event for kids, babies and adults of every age! Not only is the walk the easiest, low key stroll you’ve ever done, but the food and activities beforehand are awesome!

- TONS of food: including hot dogs, Italian sausage, kettle corn, ice cream and popsicles and even coffee for crazy peeps like me!
- Games for all the kids (big and small): Jumpy and slide moon bouncers, rock climbing wall, carnival rides and games, horseback rides.
- Entertainment: roaming clowns and magicians (this year there were even a couple of entertainers on stilts!) and stage performers including music and dancing.
- Chiefs football players signing autographs and cheering everyone on at the start line! KC Wolf giving hugs and posing for party pics.
- Thousands of friends (old and new) supporting each other!

…AND best of all, lots of money is raised to support all the amazing things the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City does for the community!

This was the first year for Pete and I to host our own team! Not only did we pass our goal of fundraising $500, but we had a team of seven walkers!

It was a great first year and a good learning experience. Next year, we’re going to go all out – set up a tent, create a banner, bring snacks and maybe even games! I would be thrilled to see all of you out there on our team next year, helping us promote awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.

Pete and I want to send out a HUGE thanks to Mark, Joyce, Angie, Karen & Lori for joining us this year…we expect to see you again next year! :-)

Check out the cute signs along the walk, featuring my clients!

Cutest Puppies in KC?!?

October 25, 2009

On Saturday, our favorite pet boutique, Land of Paws, hosted a Monster Bash event. They encouraged us to bring our furry four-legged kids in their costumes and receive complimentary photos, treat bags and free samples!

I was working, but Pete headed out with our two adorable squirts. My sister, Lori, met up with them to lend a hand. They stood in line to get their Halloween photo taken, meeting new friends while waiting. When it was their turn, there was a little resistance from Pebbles, but eventually they rocked it out, just like the true models they are!

All photos were entered into a costume photo contest, including five different categories. Of course, Pete chose to put Joey and Pebbles into the Cutest category!

To our surprise and excitement, Land of Paws called Pete later that afternoon to announce that Joey and Pebbles had won the Cutest category! Of course, we think they are the cutest and most adorable furry four-legged kiddos, but how fun that they actually won!

I’m keeping their costumes a secret, so you’ll have to check back here on Halloween to see them in full costume attire!

Check out the awesome prize basket that Joey and Pebbles won! Hmm, I’m thinking, maybe I need to get them into modeling. I like the idea of them making some money and winning prizes. Just kidding!! I’m so proud of my cuties!

What a Difference a Year Makes

October 23, 2009

This fall, Taryn will be turning three years old. Last year, at her two year session, Mommy, Daddy & I had to work very hard! Taryn was all over the place, running back and forth, not looking at the camera and basically wanting nothing to do with us.

This year, she was a performer – smiling, laughing, cheesing it up, dancing and twirling – all for the camera! We talked about animals and colors, the farm and her puppies, Zoey and Yoda. Taryn was totally into being a pretty, pretty princess!

Family Portraits

October 22, 2009

At first, it seemed like the elements were going to be against us. Our original date, for an outdoor fall family session, turned out to be a gloomy, rain impending evening. So we decided to reschedule for a few days later. That morning started out gloomy, with soaking, wet ground and fierce, chilly winds.

Something must have worked in our favor, though! By the time the evening rolled around, the sun was out in full force, the winds had calmed down and the temps felt fairly mild. We got a few wet knees in the process, but for the most part, everything went off without a hitch!

They Change SO Fast

October 21, 2009

The last time I photographed Ashton, he was about four months old. He had just a hint of dark hair, and a round little face with big blue eyes. Now he’s got a full head of blonde hair, and chubby cheeks with the occasional double chin, but still those beautiful blue eyes.

Unlike last time, when he couldn’t move anywhere, Ashton was on the move constantly! As is typical with being 18 months, he was running and climbing and falling and squirming!

Daddy knows the secret tickle spot, and when Daddy would touch that spot, these adorable giggles and hilarious laughs would come flowing out of Ashton. His laughter is definitely contagious!

How can you not just crack up at his Klingon smile face!

Working It!

October 21, 2009

Jodi had me cracking up all morning! He turned on the charm the minute he walked in the door. He was carrying his froggy and had to make sure he showed him to me. After leaving froggy on the couch, and a little clean-up of the face, Jodi was ready to go!

At first, he just gave me that look, the “what do you think you’re doing” look! Then he slowly started to warm up and smile. Then, he started giving me the eyes and the smirks, along with tons of great expressions! He was working the camera, or maybe he was working me! I think he knew he was going to be getting a treat when we were all said and done!

Blown Away

October 20, 2009

The sun was shining, and the crazy rain from the night before had dried up, but the wind felt like it was blowing the house away. Shelby and I tried to go outside, but every time we’d get everything just right, the wind would come up and blow her hair right across her face! After struggling with it for a while, we finally threw in the towel!

However, it actually turned out to be good news for Shelby! We had been able to do all the in-studio images before we tried to go outside. So, Shelby got to wear her hair naturally wavy for the in-studio part, and when she came back out to do the outdoor ones, she got to straighten her hair!

Shelby is a smiler! Naturally she just bursts out into these adorable smiles. As much as she tries, her serious look only sticks around for a few seconds, and then it doesn’t take much to make her break out into a great giggle!

Baby Number II

October 20, 2009

My good friends, Cheri and Brian, are expecting baby number two! With both kiddos, they have found out during the pregnancy if it’s a boy or a girl, but they haven’t revealed the name. This means some sort of nickname has to be created. With the first baby, it was Baby M. This time, it’s Baby M II. I think it’s a good thing that they’re not planning on having a lot of babies, because I’m not sure I would know enough Roman numerals to figure out which number we’re on!

We know they’re having a boy this time. The perfect addition to their family, since Baby M was an adorable baby girl, Miss Adele!

With Daddy’s crazy tall height, and the fact that Mommy looks like she has a basketball in her tummy, I’ve determined that they’re going to be giving birth to the next famous basketball player! (I know Mommy just loves me making fun of her belly!)

I can’t wait to meet the little man!!

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