Blooper Reel

January 30, 2010

I couldn’t resist…I had to post the bloopers from our family craziness session!

In the middle of the session, AJ figured out how to take his arm out of his sweater. He completely cracked himself up, and the girls were more than entertained by his new found talent!

The Poser, The Rock Star & The Blur!

Family Craziness

January 30, 2010

In my head, as I was preparing for the family session, I figured my biggest challenge was going to be little man, AJ. He is 16 months old and should be at that stage where he does not want to hold still and it can be difficult to keep his attention. Boy was I wrong!

AJ was a rock star! He was smiling and giggling, sitting in place and looking at the camera. I could not have asked for anything better from him.

Now, his two sisters on the other hand, that was a different story. I can assure you that I was exhausted by the time they walked out the door. Gabriella, the middle kiddo, would not hold still for anything. She turned, she twirled, her dress was up, her dress was down, and she refused to look at me. She would always look just to the side of me.

Madeleine, the oldest, is in that stage where she thinks she knows what looks good. It’s a painful, forced, unnatural smile along with an awkwardly cocked head. I had to work super hard to get her relaxed and natural looking.

We take all that, the rock star, the blur, and the poser and put them all together, and what do we get…pure craziness! But, with a little bit of magic, lots of patience, and many, many clicks…it all came together!


January 26, 2010

Natasha and Sophie love the Disney princesses! They can name every princess, almost as if they are saying their ABCs. Natasha was Ariel for Halloween, and she had a princess party in December. It’s princess time all the time!

They are definitely full of energy, excitement, giggles and laughs! Their session was tons of fun as we talked about sledding and swimming in the snow, and of course, the new Disney Princess movie!

We all laughed and smiled the entire time!

Ethiopian Babies

January 25, 2010

In September, Camille & Henry made the long trip from Ethiopia to Kansas City to join their new family! They were welcomed with open arms and loving hearts! Though the last few months have been an adjustment and a transition, Henry and Camille have already grown SO much. Not only in size and weight, but in physical, mental and emotional abilities!

I know coming to a strange place (especially since it’s one of the few times they been away from home for something other than the doctor’s office), changing clothes multiple times, and having some strange woman holding this big contraption, asking them to perform, was weird for them. Despite the newness of it all, I thought they both did great, and we really captured who they are at this stage.

Henry is an easy going, laid back, happy little man. Camille is full of sass, and is going to be fighting her Mommy every day for control of the house!

She’s A Poser

January 21, 2010

Angie was totally into, and loving, having her photo taken. She was striking poses right and left. Hand on the hip, hands on the knees, tippy toe…it didn’t matter what it was, she was posing it to extreme!

Of course, in addition to posing her body to the extreme, she was taking her smile to the extreme! Totally cheesy! We had to work extra hard to get her to let go of the cheese and just give us her nice relaxed, beautiful smile! In the end, we got a little bit of everything, which is exactly what I want!

What is Today?

January 21, 2010

The first person to accurately guess what today is will receive a surprise gift!

Any guesses? Make a comment below.

Congratulations goes to Shawna!! You are correct, today is the anniversary of Photography by Brandi! Eight years ago, I had my first session!

Wow, where does the time go? As we begin our ninth, I am just in awe of all the babies I have photographed; they are growing so quickly. Now, my high school seniors are getting married and even having babies of their own!

Thank you all for your support, business and friendship over the last eight years, I look forward to many, many more!

Shawna will be receiving one of our new custom made photo keychains…not even available for sale yet! Of course, I loved everyone’s answers so much that everyone has to get a goodie. For all you who commented, watch your mail. You will be receiving a Blog Addict Gift Certificate! Thanks for all the awesome guesses. You all made me feel very loved today!

There are a few guesses that deserve special attention:
- Most Creative goes to Dara for her “National Squirrel Day” guess
- Most Accurate goes to Anne for knowing that it was eight years
- Most Guesses also goes to Dara for her three very unique guesses

Thanks again, you are all awesome!!

Goldfish Crackers

January 20, 2010

Our number one tool for bribing at Adele’s two year session! I am not opposed to bribing kids into cooperation, especially when they are the age of two! It gives them the sense that they are in charge (which they usually are), but also means that we get some good cooperation, adorable expressions and great personality out of them!

Adele went through at least half of a big bag of Goldfish crackers during her session. We would give her a couple of crackers, wait for her to chew and swallow them, get maybe two minutes of participation and cooperation, and then she would be begging for more!

It was a slow process, but it worked!

Daddy’s Little Girl

January 20, 2010

Isabella started off a little uncomfortable. Mommy had squeezed her into a cute holiday dress, and here was this weird lady, that she kind of recognized, with this big thing in her hand, trying to get her to smile. Confusion was definitely etched across Bella’s face.

BUT…Daddy to the rescue! Daddy walks in the door and she just lit up! She laughed and giggled at Daddy. Then, I had Daddy hold her hands so she could stand. She thought that was the best thing ever. She could reach back and touch her Daddy and look up at him adoringly! You could just tell, that she loved her Daddy, and wanted you to love him, too!

Despite the Ickies!

January 18, 2010

You would never have known it when he walked in the door, but John Daniel had the beginnings of an icky cold the morning of his session. Though he worked the camera like a rock star for a good thirty to forty minutes, it quickly became obvious that he was not feeling his best.

It didn’t matter though, we were able to capture tons of adorable images of him in just that short amount of time! He even flashed me that adorable grin, more than once!

No Tiny Here!

January 18, 2010

Blake may have been born a little guy weighing in at just five pounds and even had to spend some time in the NICU, but in just a few months, he’s more than made up for it! At almost fifteen pounds, he has tripled his weight and is actively working on some great rolls and baby chub!

His big brown eyes followed the camera no matter where it went. With some encouragement, and a little craziness from Daddy, he busted out some adorable smiles, even showing off a cute dimple!

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