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Ethiopian Babies

In September, Camille & Henry made the long trip from Ethiopia to Kansas City to join their new family! They were welcomed with open arms and loving hearts! Though the last few months have been an adjustment and a transition, Henry and Camille have already grown SO much. Not only in size and weight, but in physical, mental and emotional abilities!

I know coming to a strange place (especially since it’s one of the few times they been away from home for something other than the doctor’s office), changing clothes multiple times, and having some strange woman holding this big contraption, asking them to perform, was weird for them. Despite the newness of it all, I thought they both did great, and we really captured who they are at this stage.

Henry is an easy going, laid back, happy little man. Camille is full of sass, and is going to be fighting her Mommy every day for control of the house!

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