Wound Up!

March 29, 2010

Sydney started out a little quiet, but, by the end of the session, I know Mommy thought I had given her some caffeine and sugar! Sydney was bouncing off the walls!

I love asking questions because I always get the best answers!

What’s your favorite thing to eat? “Peas. They’re the best!” (I don’t know if this is true, but she kept telling me peas were her favorite!)

What’s Mommy say? “Sydney Lou-Who!”

What’s Daddy say? “Oh, Syd”

What’s Cierra (big sister) say? “Sydney, Sydney, Sydney, Sydney” (You have to imagine a high pitched squeak and flapping of the arms to go along with this!)

All in all, Sydney and I had a blast!

Princess Laney

March 28, 2010

Laney started out her five year session a bit subdued, with small smiles and coy looks, but in true Laney fashion, it didn’t take long for her personality to come out in full force!

Talk to Laney about Princess Tiana or Disney World and there is jumping, squealing and pure excitement. Laney’s laugh and smile are infectious. Her great giggle comes out and you just can’t help but giggle right back.

I love asking kids questions and hearing their honest, true answers. Laney had some great responses, but the best one of all: “Who is your hero?” – “My Daddy” – “Why?” – “Because he’s my Prince Charming.” How can you not just go ahhhh?!?

Animal Sounds

March 25, 2010

Leyton is a pro at animal sounds! He knows them all, from cows to monkeys to snakes. During his session, all we had to do was ask him and he was all about telling us!

Now…the problem with Daddy! Daddy liked to ask Leyton what a lizard says. The answer resulted in him flicking his tongue in and out, in and out! Thanks, Daddy!!

Though Leyton was a ball of constant motion, which is to be expected when you’re two years old, he would slow down just long enough for me to snap the shutter and then he’d be off again! The result, lots of great images of an adorable man with his big personality!

Those Darn Baby Teeth

March 25, 2010

At one year old, Alex has quite a mouthful of teeth already. Of course, that’s not stopping more from coming. The poor guy was suffering from some serious new tooth pain the day of his session. His little finger just kept ending up in his mouth, where he could gum it!

Our challenge was getting images of him without a finger in his mouth. Luckily he loved it when I fake sneezed! Now, I’m not a great fake sneezer, but Alex didn’t care. He thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard, even going so far as to turn his head to the side, cover his mouth with his hands and crack up!

His big grin with those adorable teeth is just contagious!


March 23, 2010

That’s what I’m nicknaming Miss Ava Grace! She can be sound asleep, and out of this teeny, tiny, baby girl comes these high pitched squeaks and squeals! It just makes you laugh, because you would never expect to hear something like that out of this little bundle of joy.

But, she can squeak all she wants, because she was a rock star at her newborn session. She wasn’t much for being fussed with, but once you got her into position, and then settled down, she was good to go! She does like to make funny faces. Those lips of hers never stopped moving. I think she might have been working on her model faces!

More Puppies!

March 22, 2010

It’s puppy fever this Spring! Lily and Ava added two sisters to their family this year – meet Rizzo & Sandy! They are Papitese (Papillion/Maltese) puppies. Though they have different Mommies, they share the same Daddy.

Lily and Ava are just in love with their new sister puppies! Rizzo & Sandy are great with the girls. They let the girls pick them up, love on them, carry them around…all of course under the close supervision of Mommy!

Sandy has a little more of the Papillion look coming through, with her big ears that stand straight up. Rizzo, on the other hand, has more of a Maltese face. Though, just two days before their session, one of Rizzo’s ears started doing a half stand! At first Mommy thought she had just slept funny, and had some bad bed head, but it seems that Rizzo’s ear will not lay down. It will be interesting to see if she keeps that adorable one ear up, one ear down look!

Ah, Puppy Fever!

Baby Sister

March 19, 2010

Gaby’s Mommy is expecting a baby sister any day now! Even though it might be a tough transition for Gaby, as she goes from only child to sharing, she is already madly in love with her sister. “I love her, because she’s my sister!”

She puts her head up to Mommy’s belly and hears her sister saying things to her as well! Based on what Gaby says, her sister is also madly in love with her!

From Zero to Sixty!

March 19, 2010

Gaby arrived to her session fast asleep! We waited a while, but eventually had to wake her up. She was less than thrilled with us for waking her up. She was grouchy and cranky, just like any three year old who’s been woken up from a nap!

With lots of encouragement, a sucker, some M&Ms and some laughing and joking, we got that frown turned upside down! In the end, she was twirling and dancing and running all over the place! By the time we finished, she didn’t want to leave!


March 18, 2010

In celebration of Hannah’s graduation from high school this May, she came to see me for a portrait session! We had a ton of fun, laughing and smiling, dancing and shaking our booties, joking and “cutting the cheese,” all in all having a great time!

My favorite Hannah expression is by far the giggle! If you say just the right words, you can get her to pull up those shoulders, scrunch up that nose and let out an adorable giggle. I know it makes her eyes all squinty, but just with the sight of this image I can hear her giggle…which is what makes me love it!

Set of Three

March 17, 2010

I love doing things in threes! It gives you that one main, central focus and then two additional complimentary pieces.

Our new Designer Triptych is made up of three Designer Canvas Wraps in my favorite wide, horizontal shape. They can be hung vertically on a narrow vertical wall or horizontal across the top of a door or window frame, a bed, crib or even above a kitchen table. They are the perfect size, just right for viewing easily from across the room.

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