My Brow Man

April 29, 2010

At just six days old, Noah was already a very expressive newborn. The problem is that most of his expressions include furrowed brows. (I’ve been told he takes after his Daddy!) This makes for some extra work on my part, because even though I love the furrowed brow, I don’t want every image to look that way.

With minimal work we could send him off to la-la land, and with a few strokes on the forehead, I could usually get the brow calmed down. Noah was a total rock star! He let us twist and turn him, and pose him all different ways!

How lucky am I…another teeny, tiny newborn!! I think I’ve been averaging two a month since February! Love, love, love those little squirts!!

What a Great Laugh

April 28, 2010

Devin and I had a blast at his senior session! Of course, as I’ve said before, I love photographing senior guys, because I get to give them a hard time! We joke around! I act weird, and am probably a big time dork, but it’s fun, and it usually results in some pretty great expressions from the guys!

Devin was no different! He has that great smile that just makes you want to smile right back, and, though he can pull off a serious look, he can’t hold it for very long. Quickly, that smile will creep out! I even think I saw a dimple or two!

But the best, by far, has to be his laugh! Every once in a while, when he was just relaxed and we were just chatting, I’d get him to break into a great laugh! No worries, my camera was always close by to capture his awesome expression!

A Girl and Her Puppies

April 26, 2010

Ava thinks her puppies are pretty cute and definitely entertaining! Ava’s puppies, Manny and Mia, are not so sure they feel the same way about Ava!

Ava’s at the point now where she can reach out a grab handfuls of fur, ears, arms…anything that’s close by. Manny & Mia may get close to Ava, they try to stay just out of arms reach. Boy are they in trouble when she starts moving! Of course, that didn’t stop us for trying to get an photograph of all three of them sitting nicely together. Yes, it was a challenge, but it wouldn’t be any fun if everything was easy!

Ava was awesome! She just sat there and sat there, waiting for those crazy puppies to get close!

Of course, we had to get some of Ava all by herself, too! The best was her gigantic tutu. It just surrounded her in a cloud of tulle!

Don’t Mess With Me

April 25, 2010

That was Paige’s theme for her newborn session. We’d get her all settled in take some photos. Then we would adjust her for the next set of photos and she’d fuss at us. We’d sway, walk, talk to her and then she’d get settled back in again, until we moved her. It was a never ending circle. It still makes me laugh every time I think about it, because she just got so frustrated with us for disturbing her beauty sleep!

But as always, that never stops me! We just try and try again, and in the end it’s worth every second!


April 24, 2010

Brady has this saying that sounds exactly like Sit DOWN. The down is even in a really deep note, held for a little bit longer. I’m sure that’s not what he’s saying, though it sounds exactly like it. Not to mention, I’m sure he hears it all the time! If there was a chair, a bench, or a stool, he wanted to stand on it. He didn’t care if Mommy and I said no, he was standing. But, he’d turn and look at us and say “Sit DOWN”. When I’d say it back to him, he’d just look at me and smile. He might be just a smidge over one year old, but I think he’s wise beyond his year!

The Many Faces of Elise

April 23, 2010

Yes, I know, it’s a second blog post of Miss Elise, but I just couldn’t resist. Her three year session just brought out way too many faces! They had to be shared!

Priceless Quotes!

April 22, 2010

It takes Avery a little while to get warmed up, but, if I start asking questions, I usually get some pretty good answers!

Her favorite singer is Hannah Montana. Avery even owns a toy guitar that she can play Hannah Montana songs on! Her favorite animal is a zebra, because they’re black and white striped. Her favorite time of day is Saturday, because it’s stay at home day. Her favorite princess is Ariel, because she’s a mermaid.

My favorite quote of all… Here she is, Miss Avery, with her adorable bob and stylish outfit, hand on the hip, striking poses. I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer… You’ll never guess! “Maybe, a plumber.”

I love it! Miss Avery, I know some day you are going to conquer the world!

Another Sigh

April 22, 2010

Olivia was cracking me up at her six month session! Not only is she full of hilarious noises, from grunts, to chatter, to bubbles, but she has this great noise that totally sounds like a sigh! It completely reminds me of an older kid, who just finally has to give in and out comes the humph, “fine” sigh. Olivia gave me the sigh quite often. The “fine, if I must” sigh!

Despite her sighing, she was full of expressions! Even though it took Mommy and me a lot of work to get all of them out…she had lots to share!

Oh, and Evan C, Olivia is in love with you! She just stared and stared at your Name Art on the wall. She finds your eyes very intriguing!

Cowgirl Elise

April 21, 2010

Yes, Miss Elise got to wear her snazzy pink cowgirl boots with her rainbow dress. Man were they noisy! Clunk, clunk, clunkity clunk!

Elise was packed full of energy when she arrived at the studio, almost wild and crazy energy. So, Mommy and Daddy got sent to the other room. That way Elise was just working one on one with me and not trying to over act for Mommy & Daddy. Of course, all they could hear from the other room was the clunkity clunk sound, making them think for sure she was all over the place.

She was all over the place, but it was well choreographed! In between the moving, spinning and swaying, Elise would pause long enough to flash me a great smile, expression or laugh!

Birthday Time

April 20, 2010

Ashton just celebrated her one year birthday, and she did it in style! A personalized one year old shirt with a big, puffy, pink tutu combined with a stylish pink and zebra print bow and she was ready for her session!

She was all about the camera! She followed me wherever I went. Which was perfect for playing peek-a-boo! I would hide behind my big light and sneak a peek at her. She thought this was the silliest thing, but it resulted in some great images!

Then we brought out the cake. Hmmmm, she said! You would never have thought that she would have been dainty with the cake, given the nice belly she’s showing, but dainty for sure! She would just pick at one sprinkle at a time. Eventually with some encouragement from Mommy and me, she slathered some cake all over her hands, even stuffing some in her mouth. The best part was playing patty cake with cake covered hands! Have you ever seen cake fly? I have!

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