Helping Paws Sneak Peek

June 30, 2010

Just a few weeks ago, we hosted our third annual Helping Paws event. It was a chance for our four legged kiddos to sparkle, shine and steal the limelight…and did they ever!!

We had four legged cuties of all kinds! We had droolers. We had shedders. We had talkers. We had young. We had wise. We had shy, timid ones. We had outgoing, tail wagging, excited ones. We had perfectly behaved, direction followers. We had independent thinkers.

To me it doesn’t matter what “type” they are, they’re all ADORABLE!!

Sibling Love

June 28, 2010

Just because I couldn’t go without sharing some images of these two adorable cuties together…a little bit of Hayden and Hannah–sibling love!

Aren’t they just so cute?

Not So Sure

June 23, 2010

At first, Jack was not so sure about being at the studio. Within two minutes of coming through the door, he was already saying bye-bye and wanting to be outside. Not totally surprising, given that Jack has just turned two, and like all two year olds, he has a mind of his own!

Mommy and I worked patiently but diligently, and, with the additional tools of Goldfish crackers and a sucker, we turned him around! He was smiling and posing like a professional!

The one thing that got Jack super excited was counting. He is an expert at counting to three, and with a little bit of prompting he can make it all the way to 10. Though counting to 10 is impressive, the celebration and excitement of getting to three is just priceless!!

No Stopping!

June 23, 2010

The theme for my one year old sessions these days has been speed!! Camden was no different! If you put him down on the ground, he was off and running! The problem was, it didn’t matter if he was walking or crawling, he was never looking up; he was always looking down or away. Which meant Mommy, Daddy and I had to be very creative with trying to capture his attention in the two seconds it took to put him on the floor and then watch him blur by!

Despite the need for speed, he was Mister Happy! Smiling and laughing for the majority of his session, resulting in some great expressions!

About the only time, we got Camden to stop in one place was when we brought out his birthday cake…and even that didn’t last very long!

Nine Years

June 22, 2010

Wow! That’s all I can say! I’ve been photographing Miss Madison since she was two years old. This year, she turned nine, graduated from third grade and will be a fourth grader in August. Just thinking about it makes me feel old! Where does the time go?

Madison and I laughed, giggled, made faces at each other, talked and posed it up during her session! The nine year old session experience is in some ways completely different than the two year old session experience, but in some ways it’s still the same! There’s some stubbornness, some individualism and some craziness no matter what the age!

Big Brother

June 17, 2010

Clayton is super excited to be a big brother! He told me that next month, on July 8th, they’re going to take his baby sister out of his Mommy’s belly and he’s going to welcome her with kisses and hugs!

Not that she doesn’t already get lots of hugs and kisses from big brother Clayton. Just from the short time they were with me for their session, I saw lots of spoiling going on!

I know Mommy doesn’t feel this way, but I just couldn’t get over how tiny she is! Definitely all that’s in there is little miss baby sister! I’m with Clayton, I can’t wait to meet her!

Big Sister

June 16, 2010

Abby is the big sister for sure! She’s there to answer questions for little brother Matthew. She’s there to make sure he’s in the right spot. She’s always concerned with what brother is doing. Even when Matthew left the room, so we could photograph Abby all by herself, she was worried about Matthew and where he was going.

Once she got over the worry, she was ready to perform for the camera. Within seconds, her hands were on her hips and she was striking a pose.

The best part of my session with Abby was when I found out that she wants to be an archeologist when she grows up. “When she’s big and has her own house, she can be an archeologist, and dig up dinosaur bones, and then put them together and build big skeletons!”

What a sight that will be, little Miss Abby next to a gigantic dinosaur skeleton! Reach for the stars, Abby!

Potty Success!

June 16, 2010

I think the one thing that made Matthew smile the biggest, was when he told me that he goes potty on the potty! You could just see it etched across his face, how completely proud of himself he was of this awesome accomplishment! Though, of course, he did tell me a secret…that when he goes potty, he gets a car! That might have something to do with his excitement! It was so cute to hear him tell me about it, because it was this really quiet whisper, like it really was a big secret that we had to keep between us.

The Sun Shined Through the Rain!

June 14, 2010

Wow, another fabulous Helping Paws event!! Sometimes words just are not enough. Adding it all up, we had 38 dogs, 5 cats, four awesome helpers and one crazy photographer!

I woke up, Sunday morning, to a radar map showing the entire state of Kansas covered in greens, yellows and reds! Definitely not what I wanted to wake up to, but we were going to make it work! Right away, we set up a tent over the grass so the puppies would have a dry place to potty. Our garage became the central location for checking in, collecting donations and served as a great place for the pups to hang out and make new friends!

Despite the scary radar map, the day could not have turned out better! We only had two short periods of rain, neither of which even came close to the torrential rains we had on Saturday. All in all, it was a perfect day…we even got to see the sun peek out and share it’s sunshine with us!

Many, many Ginormous thank-yous go out!!

I was blown away in the donations department! Every year, the donation collection gets bigger and bigger! I am so in awe of everyone’s generosity. It doesn’t matter how tired I am at the end of the day. I walk into the garage and am moved by the sight of all the wonderful gifts! I can’t wait to deliver them to Wayside Waifs! A HUGE thank you and a TIGHT squeeze from me!

To my awesome helpers, there is no way I would ever be able to photograph 43 furry kiddos, without you guys! You are truly the wheels and the gears that make the day run smooth! (All I do is push the button!) Huge kudos to Tracy, Chris, Lori & Pete!!

Big kudos, also, to all of our partners who donated the goodies to stuff our goodie bags full! Each furry kiddo that attended Helping Paws was sure to leave with a bag full of awesomeness!!

Thanks to waggiwear for the fabulous, colorful, chic collars! We know that all of our Helping Paws pets are going to be stylin’ around town!

Becky, with Sunflower Creations, created the fun, crazy bandanas. Not only are the colors and designs perfect for today’s dog, but the technological advancement of Becky’s bandanas…out of this world. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to tie these bandanas on, they slip onto the collar and stay right in place!

Blackbob Pet Hospital (our preferred place for loving care!) helped fill the goodies bags with animal and people goodies! Their purple leashes are perfect to carry in your car in case of an emergency!

Of course, no goodie bag would be complete without the Photography by Brandi blue and green! Each kiddo walked away with either a blue or green ball or a furry mouse! Not to mention, I must spoil them all with treats!! Happy eating kiddos!!

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Helping Paws a day to remember!!

Helping Paws is This Sunday!

June 11, 2010

Don’t miss our third annual Helping Paws (One Lick at a Time) Pet Portrait Day event, happening this Sunday, June 13th!

We have had an awesome response, and our schedule is beyond packed, with lots of furry, four-legged kiddos. We created this event to benefit Wayside Waifs, a no kill shelter committed to helping homeless animals find a permanent place to call home.

For anyone who was unable to schedule a session, but would still like to help, we would love your support! You are welcome to stop by the studio during our event this Sunday between 11 AM and 4 PM to drop off a donation package. If you prefer, I can also accept monetary donations on your behalf, just contact me via email or phone. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! For more details, please visit our Helping Paws website for donation package information.

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