Helpful Big Brother

July 29, 2010

From the minute they walked in the door, I could tell that Tyler was the leader. Tyler was talking a mile a minute, before he even crossed the front door. Whereas, Nicole waved and smiled at me, but she was much more subdued and quiet.

When asking questions, Tyler was always right there to help Nicole. The good thing was that he wouldn’t answer for her, but instead he’d whisper in her ear the right answer for her to say. The funny thing was that Nicole knew all the answers, but she never pushed Tyler away or said “no”, she always just listened patiently and then gave the answer. It was an adorable view into their slice of the world!

Petite Little Lady

July 27, 2010

Little Miss Lauren came in the door all snug and secure in her car seat. Just by looking at all the padding Mommy and Daddy had placed around her to hold her in place, I could tell that she was teeny tiny. She was born weighing 6 lbs 1 ounce and, though she left the hospital under six pounds, Mommy’s pretty sure she’s already rebounded up into the sixes again! At the rate she eats, I wouldn’t be surprised!

Not only is she small in size, but all her features are perfectly petite and tiny! She has these tiny, almost non-existent eyelashes. She has these little lips that she uses quite a bit to make very entertaining faces. Even down to her tiny fingers and toes, the first thoughts that come to mind are petite.

It will be fun to see how she grows and changes!

Girly Cry

July 25, 2010

I didn’t get to hear it very often, because Annika was definitely working her inner model at her session, but the few times I heard her cry, I just cracked up! Miss Annika has this great girly cry! It’s on the squeaky side and makes you think of a little girl crying just enough to get her Daddy to give her what she wants! Which is exactly where I think she’s going! As the first girl of the family, she’s going to have Daddy wrapped around her finger before he knows it!

In Came The Storm!

July 24, 2010

The very first look Quinn gave me was an adorable, coy little smile. I should have known that he had the tools to reel me in! Those curls, his big eyes, that smile and even the missing front tooth are enough to make you melt.

At just 18 months old, Quinn really was a rock star at baby’s maternity session. He struck poses, smiled his big grin and even interacted with Mommy’s belly a little.

But, when I turned my back on him to get some images of just Mommy and Daddy, he had the opportunity to go through all my bins! He was very interested in everything, so everything got pulled out! When I looked back, it looked like a tornado had gone through the studio. There were brushes, hairspray, CDs, baby power and wipes everywhere! My favorite part is the expression he gives. It just says, “What?! I was curious!”

Another Year, More Changes!

July 23, 2010

These three boys have traveled down from Wisconsin the last three years to see me! They sure know how to make me feel special!

Of course, since they live so far away, that one time they come out for their session, is the one and only time I get to see them every year. I am always floored by how much they have grown and changed over the year!

Zach just keeps getting taller and taller! One of these days, I know he’s going to show up and be towering over me! Jacob is turning into a teenager right before my very eyes. There’s no more young kid left! Tyler, well, what can we say about him, except that this year he showed up with NO teeth! His entire top row of teeth all fell out at once!

It doesn’t matter how old they get, they are still awesome boys! Full of energy and non-stop in the moving and talking department. We have so much fun, laughing and smiling, that I barely even notice that I’m completely worn out by the time they leave!

What Are You Doing on September 25th?

July 22, 2010

I know! I know! You’re joining the Photography by Brandi team at the annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk!

Last year, we hosted our very first team, and had seven members! Which was just awesome! This year, my goal is to beat that. Help me in reaching my goal and bringing awareness and support to a great organization!

It’s the perfect event for kids, babies and adults of every age! Not only is the walk the easiest, low key stroll you’ve ever taken, but the food and activities beforehand are awesome!

- TONS of food: including hot dogs, Italian sausage, kettle corn, ice cream and popsicles and even coffee for crazy peeps like me!
- Games for all the kids (big and small): Jumps and slide moon bouncers, rock climbing wall, carnival rides and games, horseback rides.
- Entertainment: roaming clowns and magicians (this past year there were even a couple of entertainers on stilts!) and stage performances including music and dancing.
- Chiefs football players signing autographs and cheering everyone on at the start line! KC Wolf giving hugs and posing for party pics.
- Thousands of friends (old and new) supporting each other!

…AND, best of all, lots of money is raised to support all the amazing things the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City does for the community!

I’m planning on setting up a hang out tent and bringing some fun games, yummy snacks, and making a day of it. This is something you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendars!

Or, even better, join my team today!! Here is the link to the official Step Up website. Look for the Photography by Brandi team, and click the Walk for Photography by Brandi link.

Not So Much

July 20, 2010

Xander’s older sister, Kenzie, is a photo lover! She has a blast coming out for her birthday sessions and loves posing for the camera. Xander…not so much!

Xander has always been a little on the shy and quiet side, so I know it’s hard for him to be the center of attention during his session. He would much prefer it that Kenzie take over that role, while he stood by and watched. Unfortunately for him, that was not in the plans. It was Xander’s third birthday and we needed to capture the big man that he has become all by himself!

With some bribing, some joking, some Mommy loving and some patience, we were able to pull out some of that great Xander personality! He’s got such a great giggle and laugh that, when he shares it with you, just makes you smile!

Some More Colorado!

July 18, 2010

Here are just a few more around town and hiking photos from our trip!

Out of the hundreds of photos I took, I did my best to narrow it down to just a handful to share with you.

Having my blog, and sharing photos with you, has actually motivated me quite a bit in the personal photography area. Before I started my blog, I seldom even took my camera with me on vacations and trips, and, if I did, I maybe took a handful of images here and there.

Working everyday with photos, either taking them or working with them on the computer, means that when it came time to go on vacation, holding a camera or thinking about working on vacation images was the last thing on my mind. But, having that mindset, means that my “job” quickly becomes a “job” and not something I love to do.

Creating my blog and striving to share personal things with you has motivated me to take my camera on vacation. I think I’ve found a nice balance. There are times when I’m just walking around, enjoying the views, and there are times when the camera is in my hand, and I’m looking for lights and shadows, checking out different angles, testing and trying different things! All in all challenging myself and keeping photography “fun”!

Twenty Five Miles

July 17, 2010

After reviewing our options, this year we decided to bike from Frisco, around Dillon Lake, to Keystone…just a short 12.5 miles each way! It was a consistent up and down grade both out and back. Though challenging, it was a huge improvement over last year’s downhill all the way out and up hill all the way back!

Although we only stopped a few times to take photos, I could have stopped every couple of minutes with the beautiful views we were seeing. Around every corner was another slice of nature, natural and beautiful!

Just like last year, we rented a ride-a-long for Joey and Pebbles! They settled in just like pros, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather! The temperature was in the 60/70s, the breeze was warm and pleasant and the big white puffy clouds were perfect for getting a good mixture of shade and sun.

Walking, Walking and Walking Some More

July 16, 2010

Every morning started out with a short walk to the local Starbucks. Of course it did! I could never go without my ritual, and getting it straight from the source…nothing better!

This day, after Starbucks, we found a paved trail and started walking. We ended up exploring and walking through quite a bit of the downtown Frisco area. It was really beautiful! Trees, streams, mountains and vegetation everywhere! Of course, the walking ended up lasting almost four hours, meaning the dogs had to be carried off and on multiple times!

After a short break for lunch, we went out for some more walking! This time we headed to the mountains for some hiking. Where the walking that morning had been on fairly flat, always paved ground, this walking was the exact opposite. Dirt paths that only led one way…up! Well, that is, until you were ready to turn around, and then they only went down! But the views and the sights, breathtaking! This time we came prepared; packs for the pups! They were able to ride in style! (Yes, I know, they’re spoiled!)

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