August 31, 2010

Being from a smaller town, like Great Bend, means that Ian has the opportunity to do a little bit of everything. Sports, including swimming, football and track. Music, including flute, piano, drums (I even got to hear him play a little bit of the flute, and he definitely knows what he’s doing). Even the arts, with drama club, plays and singing, he seems to do it all!

Add the fact that he has lots of interests and isn’t afraid to try something new, means he also does a little cooking, he’s getting into photography and trying to learn the guitar. Let’s just say, I thought I was busy…I have no idea how he does everything he does!

I had a blast getting to know Ian and hearing about his many talents! I know the world has big plans for Ian!


August 30, 2010

Bert’s first instinct, and natural expression, is the smirk! He doesn’t even realize he’s doing it! I’d tell him to close his lips and give me a serious look and within seconds the right side of his mouth would turn up, followed closely by the left side and, before I knew it, there was a full out smirk! This sent me into giggles every time! Which of course made Bert laugh, before we knew it, the serious expression was gone, replaced by some great smiles!

Thank You!

August 29, 2010

While driving in the car during our two summer trips – one to Colorado and one to visit my grandparents, I had a chance to read through our survey responses. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated! I really appreciated your responses, comments and suggestions! Please know that I read through every single one, and found them all very helpful and beneficial.

Thank you for your support and guidance in continuing to make us the best business we can be!

From the Mouths of Babes

August 26, 2010

In my opinion, one of the most important goals of my photography is capturing personality! That is part of why I love close-up images. I am drawn in by the eyes and the expressions! Capturing who we are during that period of life and documenting it forever…to me there is nothing better!

With our new album, The Quote, I’m taking it one step further!

One of my favorite aspects of children is their honesty and their inability to mislead or misdirect. Of course, sometimes they do not necessarily say the nicest things…like pointing out those red dots on my face…but they are not being harsh, they are just being honest.

During each session, I’m always interacting with my kiddos to bring out those personalities and those honest reactions and expressions. I frequently ask lots of questions and am always amazed and entertained by the answers they provide.

What a perfect opportunity for an album! Showing off their personality through their expressions and photographs, it also tells us their thoughts, their dreams and their hopes!

I think The Quote album will be perfect for kiddos between the ages of six and ten. If this album is something you might be interested in, be sure and let me know before the session. That way I can make sure I ask all the right questions and write down all their adorable answers!


August 25, 2010

Mommy warned me right at the beginning, Kathryn is not a girly crier, she’s a screamer. Wow, Mommy wasn’t kidding. I have never heard a sound so loud come out of something so tiny! There were no whimpers or girly cries. It was full out, two year old, tantrum screaming! (I’m afraid to hear what she sounds like when she really is two!)

Unfortunately, we determined that every time we laid Kathryn down on her back or held her in a cradle, she brought out the scream. As long as Kathryn was on her side or her stomach, she was willing to work with me. But, if I just kind of rolled her on to her back, just a teeny bit, she’d squirm around, pop those eyes open and let out a good scream…definitely pointed in my direction.

But, every scream was worth it. I look at these images and I forget all about the scream. She looks so peaceful and content.

Happy Birthday, Pete!!

August 25, 2010

Yep, the hubby turns 34 years old today!!

I recently purchased a new camera and, in trying to make sure it was going to be the right fit for me, Pete and I have been putting it through the ringer and testing it out. We have to make sure it is going to give me the highest quality image possible, ensuring that the color, saturation, density and hues are all in line with my high standards.

As a result, we have been taking lots and lots of test images! Who gets to be the subject for the test images…the birthday boy, of course!

As you might expect, not all test images are perfect. Sometimes it can take awhile to find just the right combination of settings to create the perfect image. Here are a few of the funny outtakes! Which one is your favorite?

My Dark & Dangerous Hubby

My Vampire Hubby

My Tan Out of A Bottle Hubby

My Ghostly Hubby

My On Fire Hubby

Grown Up!

August 24, 2010

Yes, right before my very eyes, this little girl, who first came in my studio doors as a three year old, has grown into a beautiful young lady! This year, she turns nine years old, and it is a very grown up nine!

Not only is she more grown up in her looks, but even her demeanor is more mature. When I ask a question, she pauses to think about it and then she states her answer. When I ask why, she has a great explanation, none of that “just because” or “I don’t know.”

But, she is not too grown up yet! I can still make her laugh by sticking out my tongue or finding just the right tickle spot! She may have rolled her eyes at me twice, but it was all in good fun, and shortly after I had her laughing so hard she couldn’t hold still!

Thanks for a fun and sassy session, Ally!

Lazy Bones

August 23, 2010

After a full day of doggie daycare with (I would imagine) some intense play time, followed by his first professional photography session, Dega was exhausted! I’m sure he went home and crashed, big time!

For a two and a half year old Weimaraner, he was very calm at his session. He would get a little excited when we brought out a toy or said just the right words, but for the most part, he was cool as a cucumber! He’d flash those big beautiful eyes my way, perk those ears up and give just the right head tilt.

Though he wasn’t a huge fan of all my weird noises, they still worked! It would hold his attention for a few seconds, but only once…he refused to fall for the same noise more than once!

Happy Baby

August 18, 2010

From the minute Noah walked in the door, he was all smiles! Of course, his smiles are gigantic open mouth, squinty eye smiles! They are just hilarious!

Noah is talking a little bit, but I can’t wait till he really starts babbling, because, in my head, I can already hear the shriek that is going to go with those big open mouth smiles.

Luckily, he took a couple of breaths to flash me those big blue eyes!

Complete Opposites

August 17, 2010

Brothers, Tallon and Evan, love each other madly! They loved sitting side by side, having me photograph them. Tallon even said, “I wish we could do this all the time.” They were hugging, tickling and just loving each other.

Then we separated them, and their individual personalities came out. Not only are these two complete opposites in the appearance department, but their personalities differ greatly as well.

Tallon, with his dark hair, tanned skin and dark eyes, is the outgoing one of the two of them. There is not a shy bone in his body. He was never afraid to speak up or ask questions. His energy level was astounding! He just constantly had to be moving, and it was always big moves! I’m pretty sure he checked out every part of the studio! Tallon was full of lots of different expressions, from completely open mouth smiles to tiny smirks. There was never a dull moment with Tallon!

Evan, with his white blond hair, slightly tan skin (I’m sure it would be pale if he hadn’t spent a week at the lake) and blue eyes, is the shy, more reserved one. It has been a couple of years since their last session, so it took Evan a little while to warm up to me. He was very calm, made small movements, pretty much staying in one place. Evan always had a smile on his face. Through asking questions and talking to him, I could get that smile bigger and smaller, but very seldom did I see it leave his face.

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