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To Each Their Own

It always amazes me how maternity bellies can be so many different shapes and sizes; from the tiny basketball under the shirt, to the, “Are you sure you’re not caring twins?” belly! It’s just amazing how very unique every woman is when it comes to pregnancy and their bellies. You have the women who get the line down the middle, you have some belly buttons that completely pop out and you have round bellies and oblong bellies. Everyone is unique and different.

It doesn’t matter how many bellies I photograph, each and every one of them has their own characteristics. Baby Landon’s belly is no different. Baby Landon has insisted on hanging out on the right side of Mommy’s belly, causing the right side of Mommy’s belly to be more round than the left side. Silly baby! You know there’d be more room in that tiny belly if you were to spread out!

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