Those Ears!

October 31, 2010

With his adorable, mismatched ears and his big, talkative eyes, how can you not fall in love with this precious face! After just a few clicks of the shutter I was loving this Jack Russell Terrier.

Trotman has such a personality, a little wild and a little crazy, but who isn’t a little wild and crazy at times! He was very inquisitive, checking everything out, giving everything a good sniff. Don’t think you can pull a fast one on him. He knows exactly where those treats are hiding, and he can find that squeaky toy before you can blink.

But most of all, he can turn those big eyes on you, tilt his head and melt your heart!

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010

Joey and Pebbles want to wish you a Halloween that’s Over the Rainbow!

Cheese Doodles?!?

October 27, 2010

While doing family photos with Abby and Matthew, Abby busts out with “Cheese Doodles!” Which, of course, Matthew immediately jumps on and, before I know it, everyone is cheesing it up with big Cheese Doodles smiles!

I tried to get Abby to say Cheeseburger or Cheese Puffs or Cheetos, but she was stuck on Cheese Doodles! It almost came out in a sing songy voice…very cute and funny!

Thank goodness we were able to leave the cheese of the cheese doodles behind!

Playing Games

October 26, 2010

When it comes to photographing kids, I find the thing that works the best for me is playing games with them. Mostly word games, but sometimes action games work as well.

With Izzy, Abby and Gabe, we started out by saying funny things, like “Brandi has stinky feet” or “Brandi has purple boogers”. They were cracking up at the ridiculous things I was making them say.

When we were standing and holding hands, they did what every kid wants to do…swing their arms! This is adorable…until hands ends up in front of your face, or you accidentally hurt your brother or you all fall over because you were swinging so hard. My secret weapon? We played the one, two, three, go and then a few seconds later, freeze!

It helps that I’ve been photographing these three kiddos since they were newborns and they know my antics very well…but they haven’t tired of them yet!!


October 26, 2010

Olivia’s first and favorite word is “Baby”! She just loves looking at images of babies! She was in love with all of the big portraits on my walls of babies. She was actually more interested in looking at the babies on the walls then she was of posing for her own first year session.

Never fear, we were able to distract and entertain her long enough to get some adorable Olivia expressions! She even sampled her birthday cake. Which was quite shocking to Mommy, considering Olivia’s previous reaction to a cupcake.

Beautiful Day

October 21, 2010

After dealing with a weird September, including crazy winds, rainy days, lots of clouds, cold and hot temperatures, the day of this session could not have been more perfect!

It was warm, but not hot! There was just a tiny breeze that would blow every once in awhile. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Add some adorable faces, and one adorable doggy, and you have a beautiful day for a family session!

Easy Breezy

October 21, 2010

Considering the rough start that Liam had coming into the world, his newborn session was a breeze!

Unfortunately, shortly after arrival, they discovered that Liam had a pnuemothorax and pulmonary hypertension…basically he had a small tear in his lung and was having trouble breathing. He was transferred to Children’s Mercy and spent a little over a week in the NICU.

Even though Liam got to spend some time at home getting lots of great attention from his big sister and keeping Mommy and Daddy up at night, he’s had to make a few extra trips back to the hospital. Little Liam you are always in our thoughts!

We couldn’t have asked for a more easy, breezy session! Sound asleep when he arrived, during the session he’d stir a little bit, he took two short breaks to snack, but then fell right back into a deep sleep!

Three Boys

October 20, 2010

It doesn’t matter if they have two legs or four legs, put three boys in one room and you’re bound to have some chaos!

Khan started out as a big blur. He jumped over everyone and ran out of the photo every time I went to snap. JJ was my awesome big brother, except that sometimes, as all big brothers do, he would get stiff with a forced, clinched teeth smile. Jason, as all little brothers do, was twisting and turning, spinning and moving. He definitely does not like to hold still!

Despite the craziness, we worked through it, capturing some adorable images of the three of them. We even got some individual images full of personality!

Out Comes The Smile

October 18, 2010

Right away I could tell that Meredith was a smiler! From the moment she walked in the door, she was talking and smiling, just like they went hand in hand.

Though we captured lots of smiling images, I had to have some serious ones, too!! Meredith has these beautiful blue/green eyes that just glow next to her dark hair and tan skin. I knew, when she looked at me with a serious expression, that those eyes of hers were just going to shine!

But every time she closed her mouth and looked at me, it was a race to see how many clicks I could get in before that smile of hers popped out! Sometimes it was quite a few, and other times it was one or two, but there were even a few times where it was none…she just couldn’t hold in the smile!

Bock Bock Chicken

October 18, 2010

That quickly became Ellen’s favorite thing to say during her session. I made the mistake of asking her what a chicken said, and some how, that turned into an entire session talking about chickens! We told chicken jokes. Ellen tried to tell me her favorite food was chicken and that she had a pet chicken. The answer to every question was chicken! All the while, she kept repeating over and over and over “Bock, Bock Chicken”. She even got the flapping arms going at one point. It was quite the production!

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