Holiday Time

October 14, 2010

For her holiday cards this year, Grace is modeling some of her Mommy’s very own creations! Grace’s Mommy owns and operates Sunflower Creations. Not only is she the lady behind our awesome frame bags and our embroidered logo burp cloths, but she creates lots of other fun stuff for kids and babies of all ages!

Grace fell asleep in the car on the way to the studio, and had to be woken up when they pulled into the driveway. This meant that the Grace that walked in the door was definitely the bah-hum-bug Grace! Luckily, with a little bit of persuasion and some serious tickling, we brought Grace out of her funk, and she was ready to strike her poses! The Grace that left the studio was definitely on Santa’s Good List!

Smirky Girl

October 13, 2010

I quickly realized that Kristen’s favorite expression was her smirk! Anytime I asked her to close her mouth, she just naturally fell into her smirk! The real question is what was going on behind that smirk! Those big brown eyes of hers do a lot of talking! Sometimes she looked like she was holding in a secret, other times I was waiting to hear the story that went along with the smirk, and other times I think she was just being smirky!

No Teeth & New Teeth!

October 7, 2010

Xander has lost a mouthful of teeth! He smiles his big smile and I seriously have to take a double take, because there’s a few teeth here and there, but none of them match! I absolutely love this stage! I know it looks crazy, but it so marks the change from little kid to big kid, on their way to teenager! It’s that last chance for you to look wild and crazy, but yet not be self conscious!

On the complete other side of the spectrum, is Faith’s brand new, perfectly straight teeth! After a few years of braces, multiple visits to the orthodontist, some pain and a mouth of metal, this is the pay off! I think it was worth every penny! They just look so beautiful and they shine so bright!

The differences in this brother-sister duo’s smiles are enough to make me smile!


October 6, 2010

Addie started out the session all shy and sweet. She’d talk to me, but it was in a very soft, quiet, reserved voice. She’d give me adorable, sweet smiles, but I could tell she was holding back.

Luckily, big sister, Avery was in the next room. I had Avery join me and, before I knew it, they were bantering back and forth. All of a sudden, that sweet Addie turned into ornery Addie! She was making faces, sticking her tongue out, putting her back to the camera. All the while, laughing, giggling and smiling!

I can only imagine the trouble that the two of them could get into, if left on their own!

Crazy Weather

October 5, 2010

Since Baby W is going to be a fall baby, with a due date of late October, Mommy really wanted some outdoor maternity photos. All day, I watched the radar, anticipating the forecasted rain, but hoping against all hope that it would stay away.

We started out in-studio with some sweet Mommy and Daddy time, and then we went outside. The weather was certainly finicky, but we made it through! We had huge gusts of wind, followed by moments of complete stillness. The sun shone bright, or it hid behind the clouds giving of a dark ominous glow. The rain in the forecast threatened, but never arrived.

I noticed that, as soon as we wrapped up the session and went inside, the sky turned a dark shade of grey and the sun went away! We were very lucky, just barely squeezing in the entire session!!


October 4, 2010

Brooklyn is a very inquisitive little lady! Even at six months old, she wanted to check out everything in the studio. She’d stare out the window. She was fascinated by the rug. She thought the shoe strings on my shoes were a must see. If she could see it, she wanted to check it out.

Brooklyn does a mean army crawl, getting herself from point a to point b pretty quickly. Which meant Daddy was able to get a good workout while chasing Brooklyn around the studio! Despite the constant motion and busy body behavior, we captured some priceless Brooklyn expressions!

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