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Playing Games

When it comes to photographing kids, I find the thing that works the best for me is playing games with them. Mostly word games, but sometimes action games work as well.

With Izzy, Abby and Gabe, we started out by saying funny things, like “Brandi has stinky feet” or “Brandi has purple boogers”. They were cracking up at the ridiculous things I was making them say.

When we were standing and holding hands, they did what every kid wants to do…swing their arms! This is adorable…until hands ends up in front of your face, or you accidentally hurt your brother or you all fall over because you were swinging so hard. My secret weapon? We played the one, two, three, go and then a few seconds later, freeze!

It helps that I’ve been photographing these three kiddos since they were newborns and they know my antics very well…but they haven’t tired of them yet!!

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