Storing Your Portraits

December 30, 2010

How do you store your portraits? I know we wish we could have all of our 5x7s and 8x10s out on display forever. But, as our children get older, and the number of portraits we have grows, the small frames can become more like clutter and less like art.

How many of you are guilty of placing the new photo in the front of the frame, and leaving the old one in the frame behind the new one? You may not be willing to admit it, but I know there are many of you out there that do just that! You may not realize it, but this is the worst thing you can do to store your portraits. If any humidity or moisture gets into the frame, or underneath the glass, there is a very good chance that all of the photos in that frame can end up sticking together, and therefore ruining them all.

With the crazy humidity we have Kansas City, you would not believe how easily this can happen. One of my clients had an 8×10 from every session we had ever done in one frame. Still, to this day, we have no idea what happened, but somehow moisture got in the frame. The first photo stuck to the glass, and every photo behind that one stuck to the one in front of it. As you can imagine, they were quite distraught. Just like that, the record of their child’s first months and years were gone. Fortunately, we were able to replace each photograph, and now they are all properly displayed in one of our Keepsake Albums!

Our Keepsake Albums are perfect for storing Classic Portraits and our Memory Boxes are perfect for storing Custom Portraits. Visit our online Product Catalog to learn more about these products, and order yours today! Don’t leave those portraits stacked up in the same frame one more day!

The Quote

December 28, 2010

Our Quote Albums have to be one of my new favorite products! They’re just so in the moment and full of personality!

From what I hear, Gillian was super excited to see her album and has been showing it off to everyone she knows. Not only is it a hit right now, but I’m sure that, in years to come, she’s going to get great entertainment looking back at her candid, honest answers.

I would imagine that Mommy and Daddy will get just as much enjoyment out of it, both now and down the road! What a perfect snapshot of life as it is today!

Greetings From Pebbles

December 26, 2010

Pebbles wanted to make sure I shared her end of year greetings with all of our online friends…happy reading!

For the last eight years, my Mommy has written the holiday newsletter. This year, she decided to do something different…she is letting me write it! Welcome to the very first edition of the Princess Pebbles newsletter!

Hmmm…what should I write about this year? I could easily fill up this entire space, telling you about all the adventures I went on this year, from Arkansas to Colorado. I could tell you that I turned five, Joey turned nine, and we even celebrated with our very own birthday cakes. I definitely should tell you about how I run this household with an iron fist…no one is allowed to do anything, unless I first give permission, and then only if I am included. I could tell you about all of the ridiculous outfits my Mommy likes to dress me up in, and then she makes me hold still while she photographs me! I am sure you would love to hear all about these things, but I know Mommy was hoping I would be a little less selfish and talk about everyone, and not just myself.

I know Mommy has been very busy this year. She has been working lots of hours and often comes to bed after me, but that is pretty typical for her. (I always make sure I warm up her pillow, so when she is ready to sleep, her spot is all warm and toasty.) She goes in and out of the office frequently every day and every once in a while she will let Joey and I out to meet her visitors. There is nothing that I love more than meeting someone new! I get SO excited, I cannot control myself…my tail gets to wagging, my mouth looks like I am smiling and my tongue gets to licking! Joey loves visitors, too! When he greets new people, he brings his Simba toy with him. He greets, shows off Simba and then he heads back to the office to sleep (his favorite activity!)

Mommy had a couple of big events this year. My favorite was the Helping Paws Pet Portrait Day. Those clients left some crazy smells for me! It took me forever to investigate every corner of the studio. Luckily, I do not think anybody was left behind! I have heard Mommy and Daddy talking about getting another four-legged kiddo. I am not so sure that I am on board with this idea, but I do not think they are going to ask for my opinion.

I have not seen her yet, but Joey has been telling me all about a new cat that moved into our barn. Mommy and Daddy have welcomed her with open arms. I have heard them call her Shadow and Daddy takes water and treats to her every day. Joey says she is just like him and loves to lay out in the sun. I would not be surprised if some of Mommy’s clients get to see her sunbathing!

I am very excited to see what the next year brings! I have heard Mommy talking and it sounds like she has some fun events in the works. Make sure you stay tuned to Mommy’s blog and email newsletters; they will be full of dates, details and info!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing from me! Make sure you tell Mommy if you did. If there is enough good feedback, I think she will let me write the newsletter again next year!

I know, from listening to my Mommy talk about everyone in her life, that you are all tail-wagging, tongue-licking special to her! I know I am Mommy’s number one fan, but it does mean a lot to me knowing that you all love and support her as much as I do!

Hope your Holidays are Pawsitively Fabulous! (Do not forget your four-legged kiddos this season…they love bones, treats, toys and LOVE!)

Love, Pebbles

Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2010

We’re wishing you a holiday full of love, laughter and a little Rock Chalk!

Another Successful Season

December 22, 2010

With the mailing of my own holiday cards, our holiday season has come to an end! Of course, now I have lots of non-holiday needed work to catch up on, but that’s normal.

I thought I would share a few Photo by B fun holiday facts with you!

- Every year the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier. This year, I did my first session for holiday cards and gifts in July!

- This year, we had 164 sessions. 42% of them were between August 1st and Thanksgiving – 3 1/2 Months!

- We created, printed and delivered 2,472 holiday cards this season!

- The most popular holiday greeting for cards this year centered around the wish of love and happiness this holiday season!

Thank you all for your continued support, loyalty and love! It means so much to me to see those growing, changing faces every year. I know I sound like a broken record, but I truly am blessed to have the best “job” in the entire world, and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

A Visit to Santa

December 21, 2010

Wayside Waifs hosted a Holiday Open House celebration a couple of weekends age. Not only was there shopping and adopting going on, but Santa was there as well! Joey and Pebbles got to meet Santa, and even had their photo taken with him! I don’t know if they had a chance to tell him what they wanted for Christmas, but I bet he’s pretty good at guessing!

No Fear

December 19, 2010

I think, as Brendan gets a bit older and more mobile, we may be seeing quite a few bumps and bruises. He has no fear or hesitation!

I put him in my big blue chair and, after hanging out for a few seconds, his first plan was to try and get out of the chair…head first! No worries, we caught him!

He thinks standing is pretty fun, but he hasn’t quite mastered it yet. So he’d either grin like crazy till we helped him stand up, or he’d wrangle himself in position and pull himself up. He stand there for a short while and then just decide to let go. At which point, he immediately fell into a sit…it’s a good thing he had some padding on that tush because he went down hard. But that never stopped him, he was on repeat and try again mode! He may have this standing thing down before we know it!

High Pitched

December 17, 2010

Wowsers! I can confidently say I have never had a baby who can reach as high or as loud of an octave as Kathryn can. Here’s this little baby, with her big blue eyes and adorable grins. You would never be able to imagine the screams or the squeals that she can produce. I know it’s not the response she’s going for, but it actually makes me laugh, because it’s just so unexpected.

She started her session off flashing adorable expressions, smirky grins and open mouth smiles. Unfortunately, she quickly decided she was quite hungry, at which point I got to hear the high pitched screaming. Then the eye rubbing started…at that point we knew she was done!

Happy Hannah

December 16, 2010

I can’t imagine Hannah being anything but happy! From the minute she walked in the door, to the minute she left, she was full of smiles and happiness. Every once in a while, she’d give me a serious look, but it never lasted long!

Hannah was a total rock star at her session, but as is normal for a two year old, towards the end, her attention started to wander. At which point, Mommy brought out Hannah’s squeaky shoes. I have never seen anything like them, and they completely cracked me up! They actually sound like dog squeaky toys. Every time Hannah would step, they would squeak. If Pebs and Joey had been present during Hannah’s session, they would have gone crazy. But, Miss Hannah, she loves her squeaky shoes. There was nothing better than watching her jump, dance and stomp, making squeaks the entire time!

Always Entertaining

December 15, 2010

When you get more than one kid into a small space, all dressed up in their dresses and their button down shirts and then want to get them to snuggle in close for family and sibling photos, it’s always going to be an entertaining experience! Every time it’s different. No family and no combination of kids is the same.

For this session, two year old Pierce was keeping me on my toes! First, he only wanted to cling to Mommy and refused to be held by anyone else. Then, he announced that he was done. He just kept trying to throw us curve balls and we just kept sending them back! No matter what he tried, we still got through it…all of it…family, siblings and Pierce alone!

On the other hand, I had older siblings, Drake and Malia, who were such great big helpers and almost too well behaved…yes, I just said that out loud! We had to say funny things and play silly games to get big smiles out of them. But, it worked, I even captured Drake’s gappy smile!

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