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December 26, 2011

We wanted to share the second edition of the Princess Pebbles Holiday Newsletter with all of our online friends! Hope your holidays are full of love and laughter!

Thank you all for the awesome feedback to my very first holiday newsletter last year! Due to the overwhelming, positive response, I have been allowed to write the second edition of the Princess Pebbles Holiday Newsletter.

This year, my world was turned upside down. I call it the year of the invaders! First, if you remember from last year’s letter, we had started experiencing a few sightings of a black cat hanging out around our barn. Well, against my better judgment, the cat (her name is Shadow) has permanently adopted our barn as her place to live, and can frequently be seen sunbathing in the grass. She loves to tease me by running just outside of my reach anytime I go for a walk. She often comes right up to the front porch and sticks her nose against the glass, staring into my home. I know that she does this to get me in trouble, because if I make even a peep to announce her presence, I am corrected and told to be nice. (Not fair…she’s invading my domain!)

The second invader of the year to rock my world was the little brother that Mommy and Daddy brought home. What?!? Who asked me?!? Okay, fine, I will admit, I kind of like him…he’s worked his way into my heart. Mommy and Daddy named him Bruiser, and he’s grown up to look just like a “Bruiser”. Of course, most of his size comes from his fluffy hair. Mommy hasn’t let the groomers give him a shave yet, so he’s sporting a big 80s crimp-do! He has tons of energy and loves to play. He is also pretty good about being quiet and resting anytime Mommy has clients over. Wrestling with Joey and I is definitely one of his favorite activities; the second would have to be playing fetch…the boy never stops. He’s a pretty sweet guy, so I guess we’ll keep him, but I’m putting my paw down…three is enough. Don’t even think about a fourth!

This summer, a two legged invader joined Mommy’s work team. They called him Bert the Intern, and he worked in the office a couple of days every week for the whole summer. I liked this invader…he was unable to resist my charms. If I sat right at his feet, gave him a long stare, and wagged my tail, he was putty! I really enjoyed having him around. I heard he went off to get an education from the Jayhawks…not sure what that means, but I wish he’d come back.

In the fall, there were over a hundred invaders at Mommy’s client appreciation picnic. It was a crazy day…it took my brothers and I a week of solid sleep just to recover from all the activity. It was a pretty wet and rainy day, but we still had great attendance, yummy food, personalized t-shirts, and plenty of fun. Although there were a lot of invaders, I enjoyed every minute of it. I got lots of loving from all the pint sized invaders!

Even after talking about all those major invaders, it doesn’t begin to touch on the invaders that Mommy works with on a daily basis. There were hundreds and hundreds of them, each leaving their own scent for me to check out. I recognized many smells and I’m pretty sure they have been here before. My Mommy and I think it’s awesome that they continue to come back year after year. I know Mommy loves getting to see her favorite, pint-sized, two-legged kiddos grow and change each year. In January, she’ll have been doing this photo thing for ten years! That’s how old my brother Joey is, and he’s OLD, so that must be a long time. I know that my brothers and I are Mommy’s number one fans, but it does mean a lot to me knowing that you all love and support her as much as I do!

Hope your Holidays are Pawsitively Fabulous! (Do not forget your four-legged kiddos this season…they love bones, treats, toys and LOVE!)

Love, Pebbles (and Brandi, Pete, Joey & Bruiser)

Holiday Greetings!

December 23, 2011

We’re hoping your holidays are snuggly and warm!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

December 22, 2011

When working with siblings, it’s helpful when you have an older sibling who listens fairly well, and a younger sibling who copies whatever the older sibling is doing. In the case of Adele and Robert, this is exactly what I had…I also like to refer to it as the “Monkey See, Monkey Do!”

Of course, when everyone is following my instructions perfectly, this works out to my advantage. When older sister, Adele, starts to get squirrely, then I end up with a couple of squirrels on my hands!

Luckily, we had just enough listening and cooperating to offset the goofy and silly!

Where’s Daddy?

December 21, 2011

At the beginning of Austin’s session, he kept turning his head left and right, looking over his shoulder like he was looking for something. I’m pretty sure that something was his Daddy!

Daddy arrived late to Austin’s session, but once he arrived, it was easy to see Austin is a Daddy’s boy. When Daddy walked in the door, Austin immediately made a beeline for him. He wanted to be held and loved by Daddy. If Daddy moved more than a few feet out of his reach, there was some whimpering and even a few tears. Luckily, we were able to include some Daddy play time, from riding on shoulders to hanging upside down, and eventually separated the two long enough to let Austin devour his birthday cake!

Busy Baby

December 20, 2011

Miss Elisabeth may have only been eight days old when I photographed her, but she’s already trying to hold her head up like a three month old. She’s a bit of a bobble head. Of course, she’s still working on making an eye connection, but she certainly is trying.

Add in her constant squirming and her awesome kicks, that I know she spent time in the womb perfecting, and I think this little lady is going to be mover and a shaker.

Watch out big brother…here comes little sister!

Face Maker

December 19, 2011

At two months old, Miro’s already a pro at making faces! Between his constantly moving hands and the variety of faces he flashed me, he was definitely working it for his first session.

Miro may be thinking professional model already…he followed the camera every where it went. Even when trying to take profile images of him, he’d turn his head towards the camera…striking a pose and making a face.

With his adorable chubby cheeks, his cute lips, rolls that go on forever and big blue eyes, I can’t deny that those those faces he makes are just adorable!

Talking, Talking

December 16, 2011

At three years old, Joey is a talker! He loves to talk about anything and everything…we talked about Santa, Halloween, animals, dinosaurs, tractors, puppies, airplanes, football and even lizards…just to name a few!

If you ask him the right questions, he gets really excited and the stories just explode out of him! The best part is when you ask him a question that he has to think about, the faces he makes as he’s thinking are adorable…from scrunched up noses to staring off into space.

He definitely knows how to keep the entertainment flowing!

Working the Milestones

December 14, 2011

Lydia is diligently working on mastering her next set of baby milestones!

She can sit up for short periods of time and with supervision. It’s sort of a sloppy, slouchy sit, but she’s working her core, trying to sit taller and taller.

She actually prefers to be up on all fours as opposed to flat on her belly. While her legs move every which way, she hasn’t quite figured out how to move her arms and hands. This makes spinning in a circle doable, but forward movement is still evading her. She ends up doing a lot of downward dog moves!

She’s had two teeth push through on the bottom, but when given a toy to hold, it immediately goes in her mouth. I’m pretty sure she’s working on some more teeth.

If I had to guess, I would say next time I see Miss Lydia, she’s going to be a moving speed demon, full of toothy smiles!

Some Baby Fun

November 30, 2011

I love talking to kids about their pregnant Mommies and their soon to be new siblings. It’s always entertaining to hear their perspective.

My conversation with Meika was entertaining and pretty on point. I asked Meika what Mommy had in her belly and she said, “A baby.” I asked if it was a baby dinosaur and she said, “No, it was a baby girl. If it was a dinosaur, then Mommy would have an egg.”

I asked Meika if Baby Sister was wearing a swimming suit inside Mommy’s belly and she said, “No, she’s naked!” I then asked if Meika had been inside Mommy’s belly as well. She said, “Yes, and I was naked then, too!”

Meika is definitely looking forward to being a big sister, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be an adoring, loving big sister!

Being Held

November 29, 2011

As long as Mila was being held and cuddled she was happy as could be. Put her down on her own and she definitely shared with us her dislike for that position.

She wasn’t particular about who was holding her, as long as that someone was a warm body and was snuggling her close. She would grunt her appreciation and make cute faces. She even let us move her around from back, to belly to upright to laying down, she was flexible.

Until we tried to lay her in the bean bag. Then she protested! She wanted nothing to do with being on her own, so being held is what she got!

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