A Great Laugh

January 31, 2011

Quinn has the best laugh! It’s the perfect chuckle that makes you laugh right along. Once you get him started, he never stops!

He’s such a boy! From the rough housing, to his fearless nature, to the bumps and bruises on his face, to the missing front tooth. But his laugh…you expect it to be a short, loud laugh. Instead it’s this great chuckle that goes on and on. I can’t describe it, but I can certainly see it, and almost hear it, when I look at these images!

Lots of Laughs

January 27, 2011

These two ladies were dressed in their holiday best for their session! Even their Teddy Bears got to tag along! Both of these girls know how to make me laugh and smile.

Dani is moving, although I wouldn’t call it crawling and I wouldn’t call it scooting. She sits up, then she puts her arms way out in front of her, shimmies her toosh and legs and then sits up tall again. You wouldn’t think she moved very far, but the push and pull mechanics of it work for her. She can definitely get herself around, but it has to be one of the funniest moves I’ve seen.

Gaby, on the other hand, she’s a mover and a shaker! Not only does she not stop moving, but she never stops talking. Sometimes she gets so excited that the words just come out on top of each other and as fast as possible. But no worries, she’s always got new stories to tell…nothing is ever repeated!

A Few Expressions

January 23, 2011

Ivan started his session with the “not so sure” look. Though it took quite a bit of work on our part to get smiles out of him, he quickly warmed up and gave me a range of fun expressions!

He’s definitely working on something inside those gums. He loved chewing on his fingers and his binky. His tongue was working overtime and his poor bottom lip is probably going to be chapped from being sucked on so much!

Ivan’s funny and entertaining expressions had me laughing the entire time!

Back to San Antonio

January 22, 2011

Depending on how long you have known me, you may or may not have heard about the San Antonio debacle that happened four years ago. Every year, around the middle of January, I attend the Professional Photographers of America’s Annual Convention. It’s always a fantastic time, from great learning, to the trade show, to bonding with photographer friends, to a break from the computer. I look forward to it every year.

Four years ago, the convention was also held in San Antonio, Texas. I was excited to visit San Antonio and the Riverwalk, enjoy some guacamole and soak in some learning…until we were actually there and the entire city shut down due to an “Arctic Blast” that had blown in! Low temperatures and wet conditions led to ice that they did not know how to handle. I’ll make a long story short and just say that it was a long, cold week, leaving us stranded, with every restaurant in San Antonio closed, for an extra two days!

When they announced that this year’s convention was going back to San Antonio, I was a bit concerned that, with my luck, there would be a repeat of the Arctic Blast year. Despite some chilly temperatures, and some rainy weather, we lucked out and avoided the freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until our very last day that the sun and warmth came out. I guess when you’re supposed to be inside, learning, that gloomy skies and cold chills is not such a bad thing.

It was another great year for being inspired! There are always new ideas, old ideas that you forgot about, or even just reminders to go back to the basics and not forget about the business side of things. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the love of the photographs and the art, but on the other side, we have to remember it’s a business and a way of life as well.

The convention center is located right on the Riverwalk, so that last morning I took my point and shoot camera and documented some of the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk scenes…sun and all!

I even got to wear my sunglasses after carrying them around all week!

Nine Years!

January 21, 2011

I know I say this all the time, but “Where does the time go?” Today is what I consider the studio’s official anniversary day. Nine years ago today, I had my very first session.

A lot has changed over the nine years, but one thing still remains the same…

…I love what I do!

I love being a photographer. I love being an artist. I love handcrafting beautiful works of art. I love being a business woman. I love being a part of all my clients lives, both big and small.

I sincerely say “Thank You!” Thank you for your business, for your support, for your love, for growing and changing with me and for allowing me to be a part of your family and your world. I am thrilled that each and every one of you are part of my family!

Does Anyone…

January 19, 2011

…know the name of this plant? It was out and about this fall. We had a few areas of it around our property and I’d see it here and there when I was driving around. It seems to just grow in separate pieces, and sprouts up from the ground just a few feet.

I think the red color would be just beautiful in the background of a fall portrait, but I don’t have enough of it for it to really pop. If I knew what it was, I thought I might be able to plant a bunch of it in one area and then use it as a photography back drop next fall.

Any ideas?

A Pick Me Up

January 17, 2011

We all know that my favorite pick me up is Starbucks coffee! To me, the fact that it’s a new day is the perfect excuse to have a Venti sized cup of caffeine!

However, I can come up with reasons for other pick me ups as well! To celebrate the fact that we have now been at our new location for five years, this fall the camera room got a pick me up itself with some new custom designed furniture pieces.

We had three beautiful pieces created that fit perfectly in my space. Each one has adjustable shelves hidden behind beautiful lockable doors…perfect for keeping curious two year olds from curiously exploring! One of the pieces includes a changing area, comfy and spacious for babies of all ages.

The design and dark color really dresses up the room! I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Much Better

January 13, 2011

Along with the house, the deck received a makeover as well this year! Since the deck faces West, we’ve never spent a lot of time out there. It tends to be shady and chilly in the morning. (Not to mention, we all know I’m not a morning person.) In the evening, the sun is almost too glaringly bright, and in the warm summer months it can make you sweat! Therefore, the deck is frequently overlooked and has never had even a coat of sealant put on it.

After five years, it was starting to show the signs of wear and tear. Thanks to Mike and the Faith Painting Co. crew, it received some tender loving care, and now looks brand new! Unfortunately, we still probably won’t spend much time out there, but at least it looks good!

The Before:

The During:

The After:

Snow Day!

January 10, 2011

It was nice of the big, fluffy flakes to fall on a day the studio was closed! We were able to relax and enjoy the pretty sight, as opposed to stressing out about clients making it down and up the driveway!

Out With the Old, In With the New

January 7, 2011

The summer before we moved into our new house, five years ago, Pete and my sister, Lori, worked very hard to install the white picket fence that marks our property. We made the decision to go with a wood fence and then paint it white. I loved the more natural look, not to mention the cheaper price of the wood fence!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t held up quite as well as we would have liked. The paint slowly started chipping off, and even though we have repainted it three or four times, it’s just never looked as good as new.

Instead of trying to revive it with another new coat of paint, we decided to look into a vinyl fence. They’re definitely a bit more expensive, but we ended up going with one. I think in the long run, we’re going to be very happy with the change.

Over the fall months, one of the guys who mows our eleven acres of growing grass, Tom, worked hard at tearing out the old fence and installing the new fence, and it looks fabulous! It’s such a bright and shiny white, and best of all it looks just like new…and I think it’s going to remain that way!

The Old:

The New:

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