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Does Anyone…

…know the name of this plant? It was out and about this fall. We had a few areas of it around our property and I’d see it here and there when I was driving around. It seems to just grow in separate pieces, and sprouts up from the ground just a few feet.

I think the red color would be just beautiful in the background of a fall portrait, but I don’t have enough of it for it to really pop. If I knew what it was, I thought I might be able to plant a bunch of it in one area and then use it as a photography back drop next fall.

Any ideas?

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One Response to “Does Anyone…”

  1. Bob Funke on January 19th, 2011 12:39 pm

    Brandi, Some types of this woody plant (summac) are somewhat poisonous like poison ivy. To photograph someone around it should not be an issue, but to handle the plant or the seeds trying to plant it, may cause you some skin irritation, particularly if you are sensitive to that type of thing. FYI.I have a couple places where it is thick on our property and it is pretty in the fall.

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