Boss Man

February 28, 2011

Landon is the serious man! Upon first arrival in a new place, he surveys his surroundings with his big blue eyes. If he sees something he’s not so sure about, or if you say something that confuses him, he furrows his brow. I love this questioning look. You can tell that he’s saying, “Huh?”.

After he’s had a chance to get comfortable, Landon will start to relax and then he will start to talk! He was talking up a storm at his session, basically telling us that he was the boss and it was going to be his way or the highway!

Landon definitely runs the show!

Storing Your Work of Art

February 25, 2011

Following up on the previous post…What happens to the portraits that come down when the new portraits go up?

Our Memory Boxes and Keepsake Albums are perfect for safely storing the portraits that come out of the frames. Over the years, the collection of portraits will expand and the story they tell of your kiddos changing and growing will be told.

In the example shown in the previous post, the six outer edge portraits are mounted, so they will be stored in a personalized Memory Boxes.

While, the two inner portraits are Classic, unmounted portraits, and therefore can be easily slipped into a Keepsake Albums.

A Work of Art

February 23, 2011

Have you been consistently capturing images of your children over the years as they grow and change? Has your collection of portraits, collages and art work filled your walls and become a shrine to your children? I want to take a moment to say, “I love you!”

I completely believe in capturing your children every year in photos. When you look back at them over the years, you will never believe how much they actually changed. It’s hard for you to see, because you see them every day and the changes are small, but those small changes quickly add up. Watch as your babies grow into toddlers, your toddlers grow into little people, your little people grow into sassy preteens, your preteens grow into know it all teens and your teens, they grow into adults, right before our very eyes!

An idea for displaying your portraits with limited wall space is to create a collection that can be rotated and changed out. Select a favorite wall, measure it and bring the specifications to me, we will work together to figure out a combination that will look perfect on your wall.

We can select different sizes while mixing and matching from different sessions. The initial investment will include the frames for each portrait, but going forward, you can just bring the frames back to me and I will switch out the portraits. Making your wall a fun, creative, always changing work of art!

Shy Baby

February 17, 2011

Little Miss Madge wasn’t so sure about her photo session. At the beginning, she hid behind Mommy and Daddy and shook. Every once in awhile, she’d peek her head around from behind them to catch a glimpse of me. But she’d quickly hide again.

Slowly, over time, I got closer and closer. Her little ears would perk up, questioning me, but never running away.

We started out with some photos of Mommy, Daddy & Madge. Miss Madge was a rock star, responding to sounds and certain words!

When it came time for solo Madge, she needed some coaxing, but with some encouragement from Mommy and some entertainment from Daddy, she turned on the charm! She even serenaded me with some howling and barking.

Much Improved!

February 16, 2011

For anyone who might remember, our outdoor family fall session with Evan was quite challenging. He did not want to do anything we asked, and coaxing a smile out of him…that was not an easy task! That was the first time Evan had ever given me much resistance. In all the sessions we had done over the past year, he was just as happy and excited as could be.

So as the time for Evan’s two year session came around, we tried to make sure we had complete control over all external factors. Only Daddy and Evan came to the session, so there were no distractions. Evan came dressed and ready to go, so there was no need to change clothes. We did an early morning session; hopefully Evan’s best time of day. Best of all, we made it all about Evan!

The result…fantastic! There were a few things that weren’t ideal. Evan was a bit clingy to Daddy. He kept sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth, kind of like a nervous tick. But those things were so insignificant to the overall result. Evan was happy, smiley and back to his normal, agreeable (yet two year old) self!!


February 15, 2011

Little Lady L adores her big brother Clayton. Everywhere he goes, her eyes follow. It was very handy that Clayton’s school was canceled on the day of Lauren’s session. That meant Clayton was able to accompany his little sister and even share the spotlight with her.

I don’t know if you’ll get him to admit it, because he’s beginning that independent boy stage, but Clayton adores his little sister just as much as she adores him!

A New Baby in the Family

February 14, 2011

No, no, he’s not mine! Though, he sure knows how to turn on the charm and give me puppy fever!

Meet my brand new nephew, Sammy! He’s a Lhasa Apso, just like his big sister, Libby Lou. His coloring is very, very similar to the coloring that Libby had as a puppy, so it will be fun to see what his hair looks like as he loses his puppy coat.

At about ten weeks old, he did pretty well for his first portrait session. We’ll keep working on him to turn him into the professional model that his cousins and big sister are!

Welcome to the family, Sammy…you are definitely a keeper!

This is Baby Libby, exactly five years ago!

Sammy is quite adorable with his big sister, Libby. He follows her around everywhere she goes, just like her little shadow. I laughed out loud when he walked right under her belly while she was standing. I doubt he’s able to do that move for very long.

Not Just Straight Edges

February 14, 2011

Joey and Pebbles are using Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to share our new greeting cards with you! Now you can order our popular Fine Art Postcards in fun and creative shapes!

Happy Heart Day!!

Happy Birthday, Joey!!

February 13, 2011

My little man turned ten years old yesterday! He’s entered the double digits! Where does the time go?!? I still remember when he was a teeny, tiny puppy destroying anything he could get his chompers on.

This week, I think he’s been wanting to remind me of that puppy he used to be. He found a roll of toilet paper and went to town! He woke us up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He’s been keeping a watchful eye out for our barn kitty, Shadow, and barking his head off anytime she comes near.

But, he’s also been my constant companion, always by my side, sleeping away the day and loving me unconditionally. My little man! And I love him dearly!

The Sideways Look

February 11, 2011

The last couple of years, Madeleine’s sessions have always presented me with the “poser” challenge. Being seven years old (or last year, six), she knows what “poses” look the best. When the camera comes out, she turns them on!

Last year, it was the over cocked neck and the squinty eyes, with the big toothy grin. This year, it was the sideways look.

At first, Madeleine did the typical kid behavior where, if the camera comes up, they go completely still and quit talking, forcing a smile across their face. It took us awhile to warm up and work out of that stage. But, slowly she was getting into her story telling, laughing and giggling right along with me.

That didn’t mean the posing was left behind. She would take some direction from me when her poses got too out of control. But she always came back to the turn your body and head to the side and then look back at the camera out of the corner of your eyes…most frequently with a smirky grin on her face! I’d photograph her look and then she’d be ready to move on to the next. It was quite the entertaining session!

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