Storing Orders

March 31, 2011

Yes, I spend a lot of time on the computer and I spend a lot of time working with digital images, but with my business, and the part of photography that I truly believe in, there is a lot of physical products, frames and portraits that we work with as well.

Those products and frames take up a lot of space. We have the in-progress pieces, where the portrait has arrived, but the frame hasn’t, or vice versa. We have the completed pieces that are ready, just awaiting pick-up.

In the past, we have stored all of these products in our guest bedroom. They were either sitting in bags on the bed, or leaning up against the bed. It was a bit on the ridiculous side, because there was no chance that we could actually have a guest stay in that room. The room was 100% a room for storage.

We finally threw up our hands and decided that we needed to come up with a better solution. Out came the bed and bookshelf, and in went some custom built pieces.

A double decker frame holder for all our small and large framed portraits. It even includes felt bottoms to make sliding the frames in and out safer and easier. And, the dowels that separate the frames, are removable and changeable, so if we need to make the spaces larger or smaller, it’s completely flexible!

A custom built shelving unit is the perfect depth for our bags, both large and small! It includes adjustable shelves, so we can change it up as need be. (Yes, I am a post-it note addict!)

A huge thanks goes out to Bob Tunison at 913.238.3121 or for his awesome execution of my crazy ideas!

Puppies on Display

March 30, 2011

Okay, so you all know how much I adore my two four-legged, furry children! I spoil them rotten! I photograph them all the time! And, yes, they are my children!

Nothing excites me more, than having a client who feels the same way that I do about their very own four-legged, furry kiddos!

Earlier this year, I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph some very much loved furry cuties! Their parents fell in love with so many images, that a Wall Collection seemed like the perfect solution for displaying all those adorable expressions.

I’m so excited by the finished look that I just have to share it with you!


March 29, 2011

I got to witness Avett’s first true long term stand, and even his first few unassisted steps! At the beginning of the session, I asked Mommy & Daddy if Avett was standing on his own, and they said “no, not really”. But, when Mommy went to put him down, Avett stuck his legs out straight and, before we knew it, he had been standing for a couple of minutes!

The look on his face was one of pure pride! Not to mention, we were all cheering for him, which just got him even more excited! Then, the next thing we know, he looks at Daddy and actually takes a couple of steps right towards him, before leaning into his arms for a big hug!!

I think Mommy & Daddy are going to be chasing a fast running little boy, very soon!

The Original Rules

March 28, 2011

As my family is sure to tell you, I unexcitedly accompanied them to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to view the Original Rules of Basket Ball as written by James Naismith in 1891.

In 1891, James Naismith invented a new game including two peach baskets and a ball. He devised and typed up a set of rules that was then tacked to the gymnasium bulletin board. This two page original document is still in existence and is currently on display at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

I’m not a huge sports person, so I can’t say that I got very excited about seeing two pieces of paper, but for any one who really enjoys sports, especially basketball, I could see how exciting and interesting it would be to witness and read about a piece of history.

Unfortunately, taking photographs of the rules is not allowed. You’ll have to just enjoy the photographs of the program that I took.

I did however take a few minutes to capture a handful of images of the Nelson. It was a cold, gloomy, overcast day. Unfortunately, my creative juices don’t really flow when I can’t feel my fingers!

A Big Helper

March 25, 2011

Sisters, Ilena and Lily were both born around the same time of the year, just three years apart, which makes it very convenient to do their annual portrait sessions at the exact same time.

Having the girls three years apart is great for me! Ilena’s at the age where she can follow directions and is usually pretty helpful (with the exception of the times when she thinks Lily is getting more attention).

Not only was Ilena a great help while trying to get images of the girls together, but she was totally the entertainment for getting images of Lily by herself. Ilena played peek-a-boo. She clapped patty cake, and Lily just watched on in awe. My favorite part was when Ilena did a few dancing moves, Lily jumped right in, with her fist shaking and her head bobbing!

Of course, that meant by the time it was Ilena’s alone time, she was a little amped up and therefore a little squirrely…but that just means we got some super silly and fun images of Ilena!

The Magic Ball

March 24, 2011

Charlie had made the trip from Cleveland to Kansas City the day before his session, which unfortunately threw his schedule off a little bit. A lack of an afternoon nap, possibly some teething, and being uncomfortable in a strange surrounding, meant we were in for an interesting session.

Charlie definitely clung close to Mommy & Daddy, but would flash me adorable looks every once in awhile. There was a time when I thought we might have reached Charlie’s limit, but then I brought out the magic ball. (Okay, so it’s not really magic, it’s just a soft ball that I give to my one year olds.) As far as we’re concerned it was magic!

Charlie was so excited. He started playing with the ball and he started laughing and smiling. He was all about the ball! He was cracking himself up. It quickly became a game. Charlie would throw the ball as hard as he could, and then he’d wait until Daddy retrieved and brought it back!

It’s Bed Head Time!

March 23, 2011

Join us for our Bed Head Kids event! Don’t delay! We have a limited number of appointments available. Be sure to schedule your appointment today!

Does your kiddo have a favorite outfit that they would wear everyday if you let them? Maybe they love to live in their princess dress or their Batman costume? Would your squirt love to pick out an outfit that would make the “worst dressed” list? These are the moments that we will want to remember!

Any and all kiddos, three years or older, are invited to participate. Kids must pick out their entire outfit by themselves, with no influence from parents. They are also encouraged to style their hair any way they want. We can’t wait to see the unique personalities of each kid coming out in their own personal style!

Sessions are by appointment only, so be sure to schedule your appointment, today!

No Naked

March 23, 2011

At seven months old, Kathryn is already running the show! She started her session off with smiles and happiness…staring down the camera with those big blue eyes…really working it!

Unfortunately, the lack of an afternoon nap and some new teeth trying to poke through, meant that we were slowly going to lose her.

First it start out as a little whimper when we put her on her belly. Then it was a few grimaced faces. Then, we made her naked and that’s when the big tears started. This created a never ending cycle! Kathryn would stop crying, but we’d need to wipe her face because of tears, snot and drool, but when we wiped her face, she’d just start crying again. Miss Kathryn was definitely working us!

Kathryn and her modesty won! No fully naked images of Kathryn to use as blackmail down the road!

Family Fun

March 22, 2011

When attempting to take family portraits with a very active two year old, the best plan is to remain flexible, hold on to your patience and go with the flow!

Miss Hannah is a very active two year old! She definitely likes to be on the move, so lots of changes and going with the flow was definitely necessary!

We sat. We stood. We tickled. We hugged. We laughed. We pouted. We stomped off. We smiled. We cheesed. We played. And we laughed!

Kitty, Kitty

March 20, 2011

I realized the other day that I’ve posted a few photos of Shadow on facebook, but I’ve never shared them on my blog.

If you had a chance to read our holiday card message, you might remember that our barn was adopted by a kitty cat last fall. We have since “adopted” her in return…we have named her Shadow, and she has become part of our Ranch family.

She’s definitely an outdoor cat and enjoys the hunt, but we keep her well fed and give her fresh water every day. This winter, we were able to catch her and took her to the No More Homeless Pets KC local clinic to have her checked out. To our surprise, she had already been spayed, and to our delight, was found to be in great health. Through their Feral Friends program, they have a trap-neuter-release practice, that works with stray and feral cats to help reduce the feral cat populations. They checked her out and gave her the appropriate vaccinations, all for very minimal fees.

Unlike, Joey and Pebbles, Shadow hasn’t had much practice as a professional model, but she sure does enjoy the attention!

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