June 30, 2011

At just five days old, Miss Allison may be the laid back third baby, but she’s a bit opinionated about how you hold her, and if you’re messing with her, she’s going to let you know what she thinks!

She fought us for quite awhile, refusing to just give in and let us pose her…but eventually, there came a point where she threw up her hands and said, “Okay, do what you want!”

It’s a good thing we moved quickly! Shortly after, she decided she was hungry again, and from that point on, she was wide awake, making lots of funny faces!

Hair Explosion

June 28, 2011

I know it’s hard to believe, when you look at Calin and his completely full head of awesome hair, but little brother, Mason, is the spitting image of what Calin looked like when he was just a year old. Down to the beautiful, bald head and all!

Okay, so Calin wasn’t, and Mason isn’t, completely bald. It’s just that their hair is such a light color, and is so fine at this age, that it’s really hard to see.

It will be fun to see what Mason’s hair’s growth spurt turns out to look like. Will it be the same color as Calin’s? Will it be wavy and full of body, or straight like his Momma’s?


June 28, 2011

…Charlie, the New Wayside Waifs SpokesDog!

Charlie arrived at Wayside Waifs as a stray back in August, 2009. He was quickly adopted into a wonderful family that included three older, furry, four legged siblings! He was the perfect fit, considering all three older siblings are also black & white in color.

It’s estimated that Charlie is around three years old. For a three year old, he was very calm and quiet during his session. He was most happiest when he was being loved on and held! He’s definitely a lap dog and loves to give puppy kisses.

Charlie is a Papillion/Poodle Mix and his ears (thanks to his Papillion traits) have to be his best feature! They are so expressive! You can completely read his mind, simply based on the location of his ears, whether they’re back, forward, up, down or mix-matched.

What a personality!! I couldn’t imagine a better SpokesDog…who wouldn’t want to adopt a loving, adorable, full of personality, totally awesome dog like Charlie for Wayside!

A Different Perspective

June 27, 2011

Photography by Brandi Through the Eyes of Our Intern – Volume 1

Hello, readers of the Photography by Brandi Blog!

My name is Bert. To introduce myself further, I am an intern at Photography by Brandi. I have been working this summer with Brandi and Pete to increase my knowledge of business, help Photography by Brandi in any way that I can, and, most importantly, do my best to not screw things up royally along the way!

I was sent to Brandi last summer by a friend of mine, and when I had my session, I was extremely pleased – not only with the final result, but with every step of the process along the way. As an aspiring businessperson, I was absolutely astounded by the efficiency and presentation of Photography by Brandi, from our first scheduling meeting to our last pickup day.

But, enough about how great this whole operation looks from the outside; you already know that.

Since starting my internship here, I have been fortunate enough to see the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of Brandi’s business, and the hard work and dedication that goes into creating such a seamless presentation. It isn’t all fun and games. Photography (and the business of photography) can be stressful and trying. However, through a combination of effective marketing, and a keen eye for perfection in the finished product, Photography by Brandi has been, for me, a perfect place to begin my education on how to own a successful business.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my insight, and I look forward to writing again!

Happy Summer!

Have a Little Mud!

June 25, 2011

I took Saturday morning off to go watch Pete, my sister and my parents participate in The Dirty Duo.

We had to wake up before sunrise to pull everything together and get ourselves there on time. Which, if you know me, you know mornings are not my thing! It was definitely a slow and somewhat grumpy start for me!

We arrive at the Speedway, where the race is going to be held, and there’s a huge black cloud looming in the distance. The wind starts picking up, there’s a chill in the air, the lightening is not far off and they call a start delay. Upon hearing this news, I promptly took my stuff and went to take a nap in the car!

By about 9 AM the storm had blown through and the rain was trickling off…it was time to start the race. The race is done in teams. One team member bikes one mile, while the other team member runs the same mile. At the end of the mile, there is an obstacle to perform and then they switch up who’s doing the bike and who’s doing the running. By the end, each team member will have run three miles and biked three miles and done six obstacles.

Of course, the last obstacle, and therefore the name of the race, is also the reason I will never participate. You must crawl through a 40 foot pit of mud! They even string rope across the top, so you have to practically army crawl through the mud! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

The result – mud everywhere – eyes, ears, nose, even mouths and teeth!

By the end of the race, the sun was starting to peak out and the clouds were disappearing. The wind was still pretty fierce, but it was a lot warmer. Which was perfect, because we couldn’t miss the awards ceremony.

My sister Lori & Pete took second place in their age bracket for a co-ed team. While my parents took first place in their age bracket! Way to go family!!

And, no, I will not be participating next year!!

Holiday Time, Already?!?

June 24, 2011

Oh me, oh my…it’s beginning! The first 2011 Holiday Card order has been placed!

This can only mean one thing…it is time to start scheduling holiday and fall sessions! It’s never too early to get your appointment on the calendar. Evening and weekend times are always the first to go, quickly followed by weekday times.

Drop me an email at or give me a call at 913.829.8539 and we’ll get something on the calendar!

A Surprise

June 23, 2011

This blog posting has been a long time coming! Daddy is a steadfast KState fan, so what better way to surprise him then with some photos of his precious girls wearing purple!

The girls had a blast with their Wildcat and KState chants! Though we never did figure out what a Wildcat says. Does it roar or meow? Addie said my roar sounded like a monster, so we thought that probably wasn’t right, and my kitty cat sounds like a baby, so that’s probably not right, either!

Now that Daddy has received his surprise, I can share these adorable images with everyone!

Sweatin’ Time!

June 22, 2011

Welcome to summer! Ninety plus degrees outside, high humidity and bugs! Unfortunately, that is what welcomed us the evening of the M family portrait session.

Despite the sweating and the itching, they were troopers! Everyone pushed through the discomfort and found their fun smiles.

It helped that Ava & Evan had some good jokes in their arsenal. I knew it was a good sign when Ava jumped out of the car, and the first thing she said was “Knock, Knock”!

How cute is this comparison from Fall of 2008, and then two and a half years later!

Squeezing It All In

June 21, 2011

It’s been a while since the R Family has had portraits created, so we took the opportunity to do a little bit of everything! Some family, some sibling love, even a little parental loving!

Then, I got to do my favorite, which was spending a little one on one time with each kiddo, capturing their personalities and their individualism!

It was a lengthy session, with a lot of smiling, laughing and joking, but I never once heard anyone complain. They were all awesome models…working the serious, to the smiley, to the crinkle nose, to the eyebrow moves!

Welcomed With Open Arms

June 20, 2011

Lydia is loved and adored! Big brother, Camden, is already attentive, loving, sweet and gentle towards her…well, as much as a two year old can be! Camden can’t pronounce Lydia, so he affectionately calls her Lydie. He’s sure to tell you when she’s crying, and he’s great at giving hugs and kisses.

As long as she’s being cuddled in close, Lydia is a relaxed and laid back little lady. Now put her down, and she might have a few words to say to you, but that was okay…having Mommy hold her was exactly what we needed!

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