Working It!

August 31, 2011

With her Photography by Brandi blue and green hat and scarf combination, I think Allison was feeling the model vibe!

She had her hip pops perfected! She was switching up her expressions, from sweet and sassy, to soulful and serious, to cracking up, complete with the crinkle nose!

Allison’s curly hair and adorable freckles were just the icing on the cake!

The Moving Poser

August 30, 2011

Meika welcomed her four year old portrait session with open arms! Right away, she started striking poses – crossing her arms and giving me sassy faces, putting her hands up on her face and giving me big eyed stares.

The only problem with all of Meika’s poses, was that she only held them for about half a second. As long as I have known Meika, she has had boundless energy…and turning four has not slowed her down! She was jumping, squatting, spinning, swaying…moving from one pose to the next without even taking a breath.

As long as I can get her talking and thinking, she slows down a little bit, but my trigger finger has to be fast!

A Conductor

August 28, 2011

If I had to guess, at this exact moment, what Allison would be when she grows up, I would guess a musical conductor. Her hands and arms never stopped moving! When you sat back a watched, it really looks like she’s conducting an orchestra. This hand goes up and holds, this arm goes to the left and taps out a beat.

It’s quite the entertainment…though not so handy when you’re trying to get the photograph!


August 26, 2011

Over the past couple of months, Jake has been perfecting his crawling.

Jake started out moving, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it crawling. He would lean forward, put his hands on the ground, stand on his toes (in a downward dog yoga position), shake his booty to build momentum, then twist his hips to the side, and promptly sit down; all to do it all over again. It was quite the entertaining move to watch!

The problem with this approach was that that he had no direction or ability to control how far over his hips went. He frequently would just turn around in circles, a half turn at a time.

Now, he’s up on all fours, working his arms and legs in more of a crawling fashion, but he still has some some awkwardness. He drags his left leg behind him in a Peg Leg Pete kind of move! Forcing the hands and right knee to do all the work.

However, even without the assistance of that left leg, he gets around pretty speedily! Mommy and I spent the entire session chasing him around. His favorite thing to do was to crawl over to me and then proceed to crawl right up into my lap! I loved the cuddling, but baby in lap is a wee bit challenging to photograph!


August 25, 2011

My best friend, my true love, my hero, my strength is turning thirty-five today!! For a whole two months, he will be two years older than me!

Happy Birthday, Pete! Make sure you get thirty-five good puppy kisses today!

A Little Slice of Heaven

August 24, 2011

You all know that my one major vice in life is Starbucks. Yes, I have an obsession…I’m fully willing to admit it. But, really, if that’s my worst obsession, how bad can it be?

Here we were, embarking on a seven day cruise. I knew the only place I was going to be able to get Starbucks was before we got on the boat in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, no car was available to make this happen (we were taking the shuttle). I also happened to know that there was a Starbucks just off the pier in the Bahamas…but of course, we were only going to be there for half a day.

Can you imagine my delight, when I discovered that Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas served Starbucks?!? Nothing could be more perfect. The warm sun, the ocean breeze and a wonderful, just right, Venti Starbucks coffee!

Since Starbucks isn’t their flagship brand, Royal Caribbean doesn’t just brew Starbucks coffee. You have to order special coffee drinks. I’m a black coffee drinker, so foo-foo drinks don’t do it for me. The barista, doing the creating, suggested I try a Cafe Americano…espresso and steamed water. Let me tell you, I am never going back…I found my new love. Smooth, no bitterness, no acidic coffee kick, just smooth and delicious!

I’m in love and I can’t get enough. Now, if only I could have them all the time on a big ship in the middle of the Caribbean ocean. I need to figure out how to make that happen!

Making Us Work

August 22, 2011

Sisters, Alex and Morgan were both in stubborn moods the morning of their session. I think they had woken up that morning, and came to a secret agreement that they were going to make us work for it that morning!

Four month old Alex just wanted to do her own thing, and it had nothing to do with us! It took a lot of time and patience, and some definite Daddy time, for Alex to decide that we were interesting and also entertaining!

Two year old, Morgan, displayed her twos…in full force! She wasn’t falling for our jokes. She was in no mood for silliness. And that sucker, which I gave her as as bribe, was never going to leave her hand!

They definitely made us work for it, but we still ended up with some adorable images!

A Tantrum or Two

August 19, 2011

Two year olds and tantrums definitely do not work on me. I never have the right reaction…I think they’re hilarious! On the ground kicking, with some fake crying thrown in for good measure…how can you not just laugh at this silly sight?!?

Ella has fully embraced being two! She can work her extremes like the best of them! She could go from super excited and uber cooperative one second, to on the ground, kicking like a donkey, moaning and groaning the next.

Luckily, we had the cooperative, happy Ella more than the sad, frustrated Ella!

Bad Camera

August 18, 2011

Riley’s session was quite the experience! We started out the session a-okay. Riley wasn’t overly excited, but she was cooperating.

A couple of minutes into the session, Riley had a complete melt down, which she evidently blamed on my camera. For the next thirty minutes, Riley was terrified of the camera. If I picked it up, she melted down. If I set it down in her view, she gave it very dirty looks, just daring it to do something.

It took lots of loving from Momma, some yummy puffs, playing peek-a-boo with Mister Turtle and just some time, before Riley would let me pick up the camera, without coming unglued. Eventually, this transferred into smiles and adorable expressions. After a while, she let go of Mommy and started performing like the Riley we all knew she was!


August 17, 2011

Ellie is a little leery and unsure of new people. She definitely needed to spend some time checking me out, and making sure I wasn’t going to be giving her shots, or taking her Mommy away from her. As long as Mommy was close by, she was comfortable and willing to show off her big blue eyes.

After a while, she relaxed and became her natural self…eating her own toes, sucking on her hands, drooling up a storm!

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