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The Journal

The Journal tells the story of your child or family at this stage of their life, through images and words.

It’s a great way to display a large number of images from a single portrait session, or even from multiple sessions (such as baby’s first year). To further tell the story, along with your images, we encourage you to provide journal entries, favorite songs, poems or even just a few written memories…moments that are special to you, that your child will enjoy reading about down the road.

The Journal Features:
- 10×10 Size
- 20 Pages (40 Sides)
- Black Leather Cover
- Tiled Cameo Cover Image
- Photographic Prints, Mounted to Sturdy Pages & Sealed with a Protective Coating
- Library Bound with Black Page Edging
- Lays Flat When Open
- Flush Mount (No Gutter Space Between Left & Right Side)
- 50-60 Images

Also, available in 8×8 Size – 10 Pages (20 Sides) – 25-30 Images

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