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A Few Hurdles

Ethan has entered the next stage of teething. He has his front teeth and now he’s working on some more! The day of the session, his gums were giving him quite a bit of pain. His fingers were in and out of his mouth. One minute he’d be smiley happy, the next cuddled up on Mommy whimpering.

Although you really want kids to cooperate and work with you, it’s so hard to get frustrated when you know they’re going through so much pain, and there’s nothing you can do for it.

Add to the fact that Ethan lives in Texas and was just visiting for the weekend, making his schedule and normal routine a non-constant for the weekend. It was no surprise that, by the time we were done with the session, he was yawning, rubbing his eyes and twirling his hair.

Despite those few hurdles, with the added bribe of Goldfish crackers, riding on Daddy’s shoulders, dancing to loud music and playing with a ball, Ethan pulled through like a champ! Resulting in some great serious, teethy smiles and sweet expressions!

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