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Some Baby Fun

I love talking to kids about their pregnant Mommies and their soon to be new siblings. It’s always entertaining to hear their perspective.

My conversation with Meika was entertaining and pretty on point. I asked Meika what Mommy had in her belly and she said, “A baby.” I asked if it was a baby dinosaur and she said, “No, it was a baby girl. If it was a dinosaur, then Mommy would have an egg.”

I asked Meika if Baby Sister was wearing a swimming suit inside Mommy’s belly and she said, “No, she’s naked!” I then asked if Meika had been inside Mommy’s belly as well. She said, “Yes, and I was naked then, too!”

Meika is definitely looking forward to being a big sister, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be an adoring, loving big sister!

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