January 30, 2012

It’s funny the things that come up during portrait sessions. During Abby’s session, I asked her what she likes to eat and she said, “Chicken”. For some reason, chickens became very funny and entertaining. We talked about what color chickens are, what they say, how many legs they have and many other chicken facts…it didn’t matter what it was, if it was about chickens it brought out the giggles in Abby.

Of course, as much as I tried, I couldn’t convince Abby that chickens were blue or purple or that they said MOO. She’s too smart for me!

Straight and Long

January 25, 2012

I’ll admit it, I love it when clients have curly hair. It can be messy and yet it still looks perfect. Straight hair clients, on the other hand, bring out my anal tendencies! Abby got to experience exactly what I’m talking about.

Abby has beautiful, long brown, straight hair! Although it frames her face perfectly, and is really a perfect match for her personality and who she is, when it came to her senior session, she was probably wishing she had pulled it back! I was constantly fussing with it, to make sure it laid just right and framed her face perfectly.

I have to give Abby lots of credit, she just relaxed and let me do my thing. Every once in a while I’d be almost ready to take an photo and I’d notice a piece of hair sticking out or looking funny and I’d lean in to fix it, and she would just laugh at me.

Yep, I’ll admit it, I’m anal…but there’s always a method to my madness!

Just Exploring

January 23, 2012

Riley was happiest when she was placed on the ground and allowed to explore all on her own.

Luckily, her crawling has not yet been refined. She kind of does this twist, move into downward dog, then on to all fours and finally end up flat on my belly move. Although, many times, she ended up with her back to me, or turned at the wrong angle, but at least it was all done in slow motion, and it was fairly easy to move her back into place.

Big thanks go out to big sister, Taylor! You were a huge help during the session…I couldn’t have done it without you!

Warm Winter Weather

January 22, 2012

Given my dislike of cold weather, I will be the last person to complain that this winter has (knock on wood) been fairly mild so far. I, of course, prefer the days where it’s been in the 50s and 60s and wish there were a few more days like that.

I do worry that one of these days, we are going to pay for this mild weather and cold temperatures and snow are going to bombard us, but in the meantime I will enjoy my 60 degree winter walks with my pups.

During one such walk, I took advantage of the warm sunlight and spent some fun time with my camera.

High Energy

January 19, 2012

Putting these two brothers in the same confined space equals a lot of energy bouncing off the walls!

Little brother, Ryder, is a mover! Although he had yet to master walking at the time of his one year session, he was a speed demon crawler. Hands down, knees down and full speed ahead. Watch out below, because if you’re not careful, he’ll definitely trip you up.

Older brother, Payne, is the talker and the controller. He enjoys being in the middle of things and, while he’ll do what you ask, he always has a suggestion or an idea to share with you. Of course, once we asked him to help us entertain little brother, he loved that idea and committed fully to being the high energy entertainer!

Mommy definitely has her hands full keeping up with these two handsome boys!


January 17, 2012

Vern had the honor of celebrating his ninetieth birthday last year! Although I know it wasn’t on the top of his list, I had the honor of photographing Vern!

With some help from his daughter and grandson, we brought Vern to the studio and positioned him just right. Vern’s preference would have been for a serious photo, which I did get a few of, but what the rest of us wanted were some smiling, happy, laugh line photos. With the assistance of bunny ears on me, weird noises from his grandson and some booty shaking from his daughter, Vern couldn’t hold back the smiles or the laughs!

Making Me Work

January 11, 2012

How fun that my very first session of the new year was our new nephew, Jamie. Pete’s sister and husband had a baby boy right after Christmas and I was honored to be one of his first adventures.

Unfortunately, Jamie didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to take it easy on me. It took us almost an hour and a half, after making him naked, to get him fed and asleep. Then, even once he was asleep, he hated having his hands and feet messed with. I would have him in a perfect position, but his hands would be in front of his face. If I tried to move them, he would resist with all his newborn strength, ultimately startling him out of position.

Jamie didn’t realize that he was dealing with a photographer that doesn’t give up easily. So, we’d try again and again if need be. In the end, he eventually submitted and let us twist and turn him lots of different directions, resulting in many of adorable images!

Check Out Those Cheeks!

January 10, 2012

Newborn babies always amaze me! They all have their own unique features. Some have chubby features and some have skinny features. Some have round faces, some have oval faces. Some are hairy, some are hairless. Some have fair skin that turns red when they cry and some have dark skin that even models would envy. Some have big hands and some have little hands. Even though they’re all only a few days old, each newborn that walks in the door brings their own uniqueness!

Zeiva brought in the round cheeks, the chubby thighs, the full head of crazy hair, short little eyelashes, hands and feet that she hated having messed with, and the best part, an easy going laid back disposition!

B’s Turning One

January 4, 2012

Yep, our tiny, little Bruiser has grown into a full bodied, big boy! He celebrates his first birthday today!

As crazy as we were to bring a third four-legged, furry kiddo into the house, we haven’t regretted that decision for a second. He has brought many laughs and lots of entertainment!

He is a pretty laid back little man, willing to go with the flow, but is always ready to play. He loves both his siblings equally, and bounces back and forth, playing with them both.

He can stare you down with his eyes and give you some of the cutest, funny expressions. Let’s just say, he’s cute and he knows how to work it!

No More Baby Bruiser

January 3, 2012

Tomorrow, our baby Bruiser turns one year old! Back in April we brought home this teeny, tiny, two pound, wiry-haired, scrawny little man. He has now grown into a nine pound, thick, fluffy hair, full-bodied big boy!

Watching him grow has brought many laughs and kept us quite entertained!

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