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Little Peanut

Ally may not be able to crawl yet, but put her on her belly and she can turn circles. With just a little push, she can turn herself all the way around, and boy does she think she’s pretty cool when she does this.

I’m pretty sure this watchful eye comes from having two older siblings that she just adores. For now, she can keep her eyes on them, but pretty soon, I’d be willing to bet, she’ll be figuring out ways to keep up with them!

Even though I have been photographing Allie since she was a newborn, for some reason she picked this session to be mesmerized and stunned into silence by my camera.

It was actually quite hysterical and I will not lie, it was easy to make very entertaining. If I had my camera raised up, she would follow it with her eyes everywhere it went. She would stare with total intensity, evidently convinced that the big black blob in front of my face was going to do something. If I lifted the camera to the right, her gaze would turn to the right. If I lifted the camera up in the air, she would look up. It didn’t matter where the camera went, her eyes followed.

During the entire session I felt like she wanted to talk and say something, but she kept quiet, just staring at the camera!

Despite the fact that Allie is a great eater, and that she’s reaching milestones on track or even earlier than normal, she is the tiniest little lady. This tutu, that fits most of my six to seven month old babies, could have held two baby Allies. We had to do some creative cinching, which of course just added to the tutu fullness.

Now that she’s started to army crawl, I don’t think this little lady is ever going to put on extra pounds. She’s sure to burn it off as soon as she’s consumed it!

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