J Day!

February 12, 2012

My little man is turning eleven years old today!! Although he started out as a white and black puppy, Joey has fully embraced the distinguished grey look of a slightly elder puppy.

He is in need of a hair cut, but I love his long, shaggy hair going every which way, so we just went with it for his birthday photos. It’s got a little bit of that, “I sleep a lot and therefore I live with bed head” look, but it fits his personality perfectly!

As long as Joey is in his home, with either myself or Pete present, he is as happy as can be! He’s content to just sleep the day away right at my feet. Whether that means sleeping on top of computer cords, or stealing his little brother’s birthday present (a snuggly bed) for himself!

Just because he can sleep all day, doesn’t mean that he gets away with it. Little brother makes sure to pester him at least a couple of times a day, ending up in great wrestling matches…where Joey is always the victor!

Hugs and kisses my little man!! You always know how to put a smile on my face!

Following Brother

February 9, 2012

Quinn and Annika are two very busy little people.

First, you have Quinn, who is a three year old speed demon. He has energy oozing from his pores. If he wasn’t moving a mile a minute, he was talking a mile a minute. I would ask him to do something and he would do it and then say, “Like this?” and as soon as I said yes, he would move on to the next thing. He didn’t quite understand the “Yes, that’s how I want you know hold still concept.” It was, “Look, I’m doing what you want, aren’t I awesome? Okay, now what?!?”

Then, we have little 18 month old Annika who is obviously trying to keep up with her brother. Wherever brother went, she was quick to follow. Whatever brother did, she was quick to do. Climbing on chairs and jumping off, sure why not! (I’m sure she learned that one from brother.)

Mommy, Daddy and I were all a bit exhausted by the end of this session. I’m sure Mommy and Daddy were glad that they could strap the kiddos into non-moving car seats for the drive home!

Hard Work

February 8, 2012

As William will tell you, it’s hard work being a baby model!

First, they want you to sit up tall, so you have to work your core muscles and perfect your balance, so you don’t fall over. Then, they lay you down on your back and all you want to do is try and sit up, so you’re working your ab muscles…William has totally mastered the hollow man move! Then they put you on your belly and you have to work your neck muscles to try holding your head up.

All of those physical moves and then they still expect you to smile and look cute!

We wore William out! He did a little bit of everything and when he was done, he was sure to let us know!

Port St Lucie

February 7, 2012

When we planned our February Holiday trip to Florida, we never would have imagined that we’d actually be leaving 60 degree temperatures. The good news was that Florida had 70+ temperatures to welcome us, and while we were there the temps plummeted back in KC, allowing us to miss that tiny cold snap!

Pete and I, along with my parents and sister, took a long weekend get away to Port St. Lucie, Florida last weekend. Port St. Lucie is about a two hour drive Southeast from Orlando, right on the water’s edge!

We enjoyed some sightseeing, some hiking, some Starbucks drinking, some seafood eating, some wildlife viewing and ended the trip with a little Dolphin and Manatee watching!

Lots of Faces

February 3, 2012

Ellie started out the session a little timid…she has a bit of stranger anxiety, so I got the stare down for sure! As she warmed up, she started smirking and making flirty expressions towards me. When she stood up and got to bang on my stool, she thought that was pretty cool and busted out a few giggles and smiles. Daddy arrived half way through her session and she let out a huge grin…until she realized it wasn’t “home from work, play time”. Then the scrunchy, sad face broke out, including a few tears!

All in all, we definitely got to see Ellie’s full range of expressions, and learned that she has Daddy wrapped around her little finger…for sure!

Meet Captain America

February 1, 2012

Matthew and his school friends are already putting their creative and imaginative minds to work. They are each a different super hero; that’s what they call each other and that’s what they call themselves.

Matthew is Captain America. He has a shield that he uses to throw at the bad people and he has a ship that flies in the sky. His ship comes with missiles and guns that he can use to save people. According to Matthew, that’s what super heroes do, they save people.

Matthew’s school must be a very safe place, because I know there is an Iron Man and a Batman and Robin there as well!

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