Wide Eyed

March 30, 2012

Four years ago, when I photographed big brother Jodi’s newborn session, we captured a bunch of wide eyed, fully awake images. Mommy really wanted to make sure we got some matching, similar images of little brother, baby Jade.

“No problem”, Jade, said! Even though he’s been a really good sleeper for Mommy and Daddy, he was wide awake for his newborn session. Big eyes just staring!

It took quite a bit of coaxing and snuggling to get Jade to fall asleep long enough to capture some adorable, squishy sleepy poses.


March 29, 2012

Every kid goes through a stage where they repeat everything you say, and mimic you word for word. I have learned that there is now on iPad app that encourages this behavior. Anything you say, noises that you make into the app, get repeated back to you.

Four year old, Jodi, loves the app and therefore loves turning the app into real life! I’m pretty sure that for the entire session, he just repeated what I said. If I made noises he repeated those, too!! Considering I was working with him and his baby brother, I made a lot of random noises…especially when trying to get the attention of a baby. I’m glad I don’t have to listen to a record of myself every day!

Luckily, I was able to work the mimicking to my advantage and got him to laugh and smile with my words and sounds.


March 28, 2012

It took Allie a little while to warm up for her nine month session, but once she had relaxed and became comfortable, she was off and crawling! She’d flash me a little ornery grin, right before she turned away and crawled away from me.

She’s definitely picking up some tips and tricks from her two older siblings!

Stories to Remember

March 27, 2012

A session with Emily and Brady is always full of great stories. Although, last year’s refusal to wear a shirt may be the one I remember forever.

This year’s stories started off with an extremely tired Emily. A day of travel, followed by some hard core cousin play, meant a very sleepy Emily. It took a while to wake her up, but once those eyes started to shimmer, she was her ever fun loving, sassy self! The kicker was when I told her that she could show me her gymnastics hand stand move…her eyes just lit up. I had found the way into her heart!

For Brady, the whole process was a bit of a game. He’s at that three year old stage where he really only wants to do something if he thinks it’s his idea or if he shouldn’t be doing it. So, a little reverse psychology had to be put into play when it came time to photograph Brady. Of course, a little bribery and being rewarded with a sucker…his choice, a brown sucker…never hurts! Well, and talking about “gross boy” things can get you a long way, too!

Miss Giggles

March 26, 2012

I’ve been photographing Laney since she was a year old, but we skipped last year, so it’s been a couple of years since she had seen me. I think that caused her to start the session off a little shy and unsure.

Within seconds of me picking up the camera, she was smiling at me, but her tongue was sticking out the side of her mouth, just a little peak, but still it was her tongue!

When I would ask her questions, instead of answering, she would bust out into a fit of giggles. I think this might be her response to nervousness. Although, the giggles are adorable, and I love them, and I was sure to get lots of photos of them, I needed more than just giggles from her! As the session progressed, she got more and more comfortable with me, and started answering questions and talking to me, and even started flashing me some serious faces.

We officially had complete relaxation when she started striking poses and making faces for me. By the end, I got a huge hug and an awesome smile!

Tiny Bit of Sleepiness

March 19, 2012

Ah, it doesn’t get any better then when a newborn baby sleeps soundly the entire session, twisting and turning every which way you ask!!

That was Sofia! After getting to the studio, we made her naked and then filled her belly full. After a brief period of eye movements and squirming to settle herself in, she fell asleep…hard!

For the most part, she didn’t mind which way I moved her. If she was on her back, on her side, on her belly…she worked with it all. Unless I tried to move her arms. Then, get out of her way, because she was going to put those arms where she wanted to put them! After some coaxing and compromising, I was at least able to get her hands out of her face, and eventually she fell into a deeper sleep, letting me do pretty much anything.

Add the fact that she’s just under seven pounds, and the result is this teeny, tiny bit of awesomeness!!

(Oh, I guess I should add the fact that she did successfully poop on me! She aimed right at me and let it go. So, I guess she can record that in her win column!)

Drunken Sailor

March 16, 2012

I love when babies first start to walk. Each has their own way of figuring it out. Some are tentative and deliberate, taking small steps. Some just barrel into it full force, hoping they make it to that piece of furniture across the room. Some hold their arms out like Frankenstein trying to hold their balance. Some (my favorites) look like little drunken sailors as they teeter back and forth, wobbling and swaying trying to hold on to it!

The drunken sailor, that was Riley. She started her session pretty strong, standing strong, able to take a couple of well placed steps forward. As the session wore on, her swaying became more and more prevalent, one step to the left and then a shimmy to the right, and then a complete crash, ending up on her padded booty!

It was very entertaining to watch!! However, I know the next time I see her, she’s going to have mastered this whole walking thing, and she’s going to be a speed demon on legs!!

Getting Your Yoga On

March 13, 2012

I am a big supporter of yoga and it’s benefits. Pete and I have been consistent over the last four years with doing yoga a couple of times a month, and I can see the results. Not only in myself, but in Pete. The flexibility, the balance, the posture, the ability to quiet our minds, and just the overall “makes you feel good” feeling!

Back in August, we started working with Jen, referred to us by our previous yoga instructor, Heidi, after she moved away to Arizona. (As a side note, as a weird “this world is so small” note, it turns out that I had actually done Jen’s husband’s senior portraits the first year I was in business. Crazy!)

Jen asked if I would be interested in doing some yoga photography. I was definitely all for it! Something different, and something to make me step outside of my comfort zone and think outside the box.

We had a blast! We did a little bit of everything from instructional posing to artistic angles and creative composition. Of course, I think Jen had to work a lot harder than me, holding yoga poses for extended periods of time, stretching to her max and then holding it. She definitely worked it for me!

If you are interested in pursuing yoga, I highly recommend Jen!! She is always able to challenge and work us, but still make us feel relaxed, stretched and limbered. Jen specializes in prenatal yoga, holy yoga and personal yoga, and I know she’d love to hear from you!

Four Legged Art

March 8, 2012

We love partnering with local community businesses and having the opportunity to decorate their lobbies, stores, client rooms and offices with portrait art!

Recently, we have been working with BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Overland Park, a specialty and emergency medicine center for pets.

BluePearl’s veterinarians tackle some of the toughest medical and surgical conditions, while also providing emergency veterinary care 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. BluePearl’s goal is to create and deliver treatment plans that best meets both pet’s medicinal needs and owner’s expectations. Whether referred to BluePearl because of an emergency situation or due to a chronic illness, their skilled team is ready to provide the highest quality of care and attention for all pets.

We were very excited last weekend to successfully hang some adorable furry faced, four legged kiddos on the wall of their lobby for everyone to enjoy!

Sisterly Love

March 7, 2012

Sisterly love has its highs and lows. One minute you are adoring and loving each other, the next minute you are pestering and torturing each other. This is exactly how Natasha and Sophie’s session went.

There was hand holding and hugging, then there was pinching and poking. There was gentle tickling and then there was not so gentle tickling. It’s quite obvious that they love each other and can have lots of fun together, but it’s also quite obvious that they know how to push each others’ buttons!

Of course, one on one, they each shine in their own unique way! Natasha showing off her toothless smile, and Sophie showing off those big eyes. Definitely a pair of unique and yet similar sisters!

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