Anything for a Treat!

May 31, 2012

Sisters, Maple & Lilly, made themselves right at home after walking in the front door…up on the couch, sitting cozy, ready to hang out for the evening. Little did they know they were going to have to work!

They started off a little skittish and unsure, but once we broke out the treats, and they figured out that if they sat and held still they would be rewarded, they were both working it!

Lilly was by far the most prim and proper of the two ladies…but she was also the one who would sneak closer and closer until she was touching you…she wanted to make sure she got the treat first!

Maple, on the other hand, was a little more laid back. Proper sit, sloppy sit, tilt of the head…she showed off all her looks…and everyone of them was adorable!

All in all it was a successful, eight-legged session!

Princess Party Time!

May 30, 2012

Our Princess Pebbles turns six years old today! I’d like to say she’s mellowing out in her older age, but that would not be a true statement at all! She’s still bossy, high strung and queen of the castle…and we love her just the way she is! We couldn’t imagine Miss Pebbles any other way!

She is the perfect mix of playful, ornery, loving, protective and charming!

Playful – Even though I know she’d never admit it willingly, she loves to play with Bruiser. They wrestle. They play tug a war with toys. She lets him pull at her muzzle and ear hair. They chase, taking turns as to who’s doing the chasing. The two of them are definitely hilarious to watch!

Ornery – Six years old and she still pulls the toilet paper. If you leave her alone with a bathroom door open, you will find the entire roll of toilet paper on the floor. Half the time it’s still in a long strand, and it’s being pulled down the hallway!

Loving – She’s the first of our pups to immediately jump in your lap if you’re sitting on the ground. She’s the first to lay down and roll over on her back for a good belly rub. She’s definitely always right by your side! She’s the one pup we’ve never had to worry about running away…she’d much rather be with you, then away from you.

Protective – It doesn’t matter if it’s the barn cat, Shadow, a neighbor’s dog, the UPS man, a friend or a stranger, she will be sure to let you know that someone is invading our space! She may not be the bravest, but her bark is definitely worse then her bite…she’s got a built in alarm system!

A Charmer – I don’t think I’ve ever seen grown women work men the way Pebbles does. She adores the male species, and she knows that she can work them! When male friends of ours come over, she gives them those big eyes, the shake of the tail and before they know it, she’s in their lap giving them kisses…yep she’s a licker and a kisser!

Missy P…we love you just the way you are, and couldn’t imagine our family without you!

Never A Dull Moment

May 29, 2012

Jack ended his senior year with a flurry of activity, from debate finals to robotic finals to senior prom and finally Graduation! Based on the stories he shared with me during his session, I can definitely tell that Jack is one busy guy. The good news is that he keeps busy doing all things that he loves!

He shared a bunch of those loves with me! I heard a little bit of his debate presentation. He hiked around our eleven acres! He even brought out his awesome green jeep to share with me. He told me about his girlfriend and his sister…both people he obviously cares very much about!

We talked about college, summer trips, politics, religion, reading and movies. I had a blast taking a peek into the inner mind of Jack!

Wine, Art and Me

May 22, 2012

If you are a fan of wine, art or me, you are invited to join me at a Collector’s Series Wine Release and Art Show on Saturday, July 14th from 2 – 7 PM at the Les Bourgeois Vineyards in Rocheport, Missouri (15 Minutes West of Columbia).

“The annual Collector’s Series wines allow our winemakers to showcase their artistic creativity with small batch fermentations. This series is made with only the best grapes and is considered our highest quality and most unique wine released this year.” – Les Bourgeois Vineyards

Les Bourgeois releases three Collector’s Series wines each year and holds a wine label art competition with a release party and art show held each summer.

AND…one of my images was selected as a winner for the Wine Label Art Competition!!

Join me at the winery for wine tasting, barrel tasting and art exhibits!

Always Changing

May 18, 2012

I have been photographing these kiddos at least once a year for the last nine years, and wow have they changed over those nine years!

- I’ve seen the baby teeth come and go.

- I’ve listened as they’ve learned to talk, answer questions and even weave stories – some true and some not so true!

- I’ve seen short hair and long hair and even no hair!

- I’ve seen growth spurts…I’m positive by this time next year, Madison will officially be taller than me! (Either they are growing or I’m shrinking!)

- I’ve watched as their hobbies, likes and dislikes have matured.

- I’ve seen personalities develop…and even got a peek at some sassiness along the way!

Every year I am amazed by how much they have changed, both physically, emotionally and mentally! Those little babies who wouldn’t listen to a word I said, now actually follow directions – sometimes! Those sweet little kids that loved to give hugs, now have to be bribed for good bye hugs!

Some of those changes are great and some of those changes are sad, but we all experience them and they make us who we are today!

I can’t wait to see what changes these three have in store for me next year!

Built in Entertainment

May 16, 2012

Mila has three older siblings, who each had a chance to be my assistant and make Mila laugh and smile. Not surprisingly, all three of them were very successful at bringing out the smiles and laughs. They played peek-a-boo, made silly faces, danced, jumped and laughed…all in attempts to get the biggest smiles out of Mila.

When you’ve got such great entertainment on a daily basis, like Mila does, I can only imagine how boring everyone else must seem. It’s obvious that Mila adores her older siblings, and it is just as obvious that they think she’s way cool!!

Treat Motivated

May 14, 2012

It took Daisy a little while to warm up to me, but once I busted out the treats, she was putty in my hands!

She sat, she lay down, she smiled, she cocked her head. It didn’t matter what I asked her to do, if it meant she got a treat, she was all about it!

Even when we were done, she wasn’t done. She followed me around, sitting at my feet, ready for more treats. She knows how to work those big eyes…so expressive and so able to pull at your heart strings!

Holding Still!

May 10, 2012

Spring time always means First Communion time. For Madeleine, her First Communion session replaced her normal annual birthday session. We celebrated her eighth birthday and her First Communion at the same time.

I’ve been photographing Mad for quite a few years now, and normally she comes out to the studio, gets to wear an outfit that she likes and gets to act a little unruly and a little crazy, all while I’m snapping photos, chatting with her and she’s smiling up a storm.

Unfortunately, that is not quite how her First Communion session went. She had to hold still and stand just right. If she wiggled or slouched, her special necklace would end up hiding behind her dress. If she swayed, her rosary turned backwards and swayed with her.

It was quite the test of patience on her part, and although we had a few moments of complaints, she toughed it out and worked through it!

Mister Opinionated

May 9, 2012

At just ten days old, Will has a strong opinion and just like his name a strong “will”.

Although he was great at sleeping in my arms, when I would put him down, he would squirm and flinch. I would get him adjusted just like I wanted, turn away to grab my camera and he’d throw his arm up and flop it somewhere else, making me start the adjustment process all over.

He was the master at making faces! Although he made lots of cute smiley faces, he also had the scowl and the grimace faces down cold! If I adjusted him a way that he didn’t like, he was sure to throw out that bottom lip, or lift the upper lip in a grimace.

He may have had a strong will, but I have lots of patience, and my ability to wait him out broke his will more than once…resulting in adorable images of a teeny tiny Will!


May 8, 2012

Allie’s newest talent, that she showed off for me, was her squeal! Anytime she got really excited, she would bust out with a great squeal!

Big brother, Matthew, came to Allie’s session as a helper and made the perfect assistant for coaxing out the squeal. He played a great game of peek-a-boo with her. Anytime he’d poke his head up he’d yell peek-a-boo, and she’d squeal right back at a similar volume. It would have been quite the sound track for anyone listening!

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