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Anything for a Treat!

Sisters, Maple & Lilly, made themselves right at home after walking in the front door…up on the couch, sitting cozy, ready to hang out for the evening. Little did they know they were going to have to work!

They started off a little skittish and unsure, but once we broke out the treats, and they figured out that if they sat and held still they would be rewarded, they were both working it!

Lilly was by far the most prim and proper of the two ladies…but she was also the one who would sneak closer and closer until she was touching you…she wanted to make sure she got the treat first!

Maple, on the other hand, was a little more laid back. Proper sit, sloppy sit, tilt of the head…she showed off all her looks…and everyone of them was adorable!

All in all it was a successful, eight-legged session!

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