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Holding Still!

Spring time always means First Communion time. For Madeleine, her First Communion session replaced her normal annual birthday session. We celebrated her eighth birthday and her First Communion at the same time.

I’ve been photographing Mad for quite a few years now, and normally she comes out to the studio, gets to wear an outfit that she likes and gets to act a little unruly and a little crazy, all while I’m snapping photos, chatting with her and she’s smiling up a storm.

Unfortunately, that is not quite how her First Communion session went. She had to hold still and stand just right. If she wiggled or slouched, her special necklace would end up hiding behind her dress. If she swayed, her rosary turned backwards and swayed with her.

It was quite the test of patience on her part, and although we had a few moments of complaints, she toughed it out and worked through it!

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