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Mister Opinionated

At just ten days old, Will has a strong opinion and just like his name a strong “will”.

Although he was great at sleeping in my arms, when I would put him down, he would squirm and flinch. I would get him adjusted just like I wanted, turn away to grab my camera and he’d throw his arm up and flop it somewhere else, making me start the adjustment process all over.

He was the master at making faces! Although he made lots of cute smiley faces, he also had the scowl and the grimace faces down cold! If I adjusted him a way that he didn’t like, he was sure to throw out that bottom lip, or lift the upper lip in a grimace.

He may have had a strong will, but I have lots of patience, and my ability to wait him out broke his will more than once…resulting in adorable images of a teeny tiny Will!

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