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Princess Party Time!

Our Princess Pebbles turns six years old today! I’d like to say she’s mellowing out in her older age, but that would not be a true statement at all! She’s still bossy, high strung and queen of the castle…and we love her just the way she is! We couldn’t imagine Miss Pebbles any other way!

She is the perfect mix of playful, ornery, loving, protective and charming!

Playful – Even though I know she’d never admit it willingly, she loves to play with Bruiser. They wrestle. They play tug a war with toys. She lets him pull at her muzzle and ear hair. They chase, taking turns as to who’s doing the chasing. The two of them are definitely hilarious to watch!

Ornery – Six years old and she still pulls the toilet paper. If you leave her alone with a bathroom door open, you will find the entire roll of toilet paper on the floor. Half the time it’s still in a long strand, and it’s being pulled down the hallway!

Loving – She’s the first of our pups to immediately jump in your lap if you’re sitting on the ground. She’s the first to lay down and roll over on her back for a good belly rub. She’s definitely always right by your side! She’s the one pup we’ve never had to worry about running away…she’d much rather be with you, then away from you.

Protective – It doesn’t matter if it’s the barn cat, Shadow, a neighbor’s dog, the UPS man, a friend or a stranger, she will be sure to let you know that someone is invading our space! She may not be the bravest, but her bark is definitely worse then her bite…she’s got a built in alarm system!

A Charmer – I don’t think I’ve ever seen grown women work men the way Pebbles does. She adores the male species, and she knows that she can work them! When male friends of ours come over, she gives them those big eyes, the shake of the tail and before they know it, she’s in their lap giving them kisses…yep she’s a licker and a kisser!

Missy P…we love you just the way you are, and couldn’t imagine our family without you!

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