Walk With Me

July 31, 2012

The date for the annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk is Saturday, October 27th!

Last year was such a fun experience and it was the third year we had our very own team…the Photography by Brandi team! We had 16 team members and raised more than $1,400.

This year, will you help me beat that?!? To do this, I need all of your help and support! Join the Photography by Brandi team and walk with us. It’s an amazing day, and definitely worthwhile!

It’s the perfect event for kids, babies and adults of every age! Not only is the walk the easiest, low key stroll you’ve ever taken, but the food and activities beforehand are awesome!

- TONS of food: including hot dogs, Italian sausage, kettle corn, ice cream and popsicles and even coffee for crazy peeps like me!
- Games for all the kids (big and small): Jumps and slide moon bouncers, rock climbing wall, carnival rides and games, horseback rides.
- Entertainment: roaming clowns and magicians (this past year there were even a couple of entertainers on stilts!) and stage performances including music and dancing.
- Chiefs football players signing autographs and cheering everyone on at the start line! KC Wolf giving hugs and posing for party pics.
- Thousands of friends (old and new) supporting each other!

…AND, best of all, lots of money is raised to support all the amazing things the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City does for the community!

We will be setting up a hang out tent and bringing fun games, yummy snacks, and making a day of it. This is something you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendars!

Or, even better, join my team today!! Click the Walk for Photography by Brandi link.

Just in case you need some motivation to participate, here is the link to last year’s event. We had a blast!

Growing and Changing

July 30, 2012

The favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to watch kids grow and change. Typically, I will see the kids once a year, and every time they walk in the door, I am shocked by how much they have grown and changed.

Of course, the thing that I have run into most recently is in relation to height! Being in business for over ten and a half years, I have some kiddos that I have been around for quite some time. These little tiny ones, that I used to have to kneel down on the ground for, are giving me hugs and the top of their heads are grazing my chin! One of these days, one of them is going to be taller than me!

These two beautiful ladies have changed a ton over the years. They started out looking a lot alike when they were younger, but they have slowly developed their own looks and their own personalities.

Allison (whose head now grazes my chin!) is the talker of the two. She’s not afraid to share or tell stories, and she won’t leave out any details!

Camille is the quiet, more observant of the two, but she’s slowly coming out of her shell. I think she’s still going to be the strong silent type, but that doesn’t mean she’s not 100% sure of herself and everyone around her!

Mister Smiles

July 26, 2012

Xander has the best smiles. He’s got small smiles. He’s got smirky smiles. He’s got nervous smiles. He’s got big laughing smiles. He’s got cheesy smiles. Whichever one he flashes, they each have their own meaning and speak volumes!

It always takes me by surprise when he flashes me a serious expression. Although I do love his serious expression…without the smile, he’s big eyes do all the talking.

Never fear, the serious expressions don’t stick around for long…they’re quickly replaced by big cheesy grins!

Having Fun

July 24, 2012

Grace and I always have a lot of fun at her annual sessions. She likes to pretend that she doesn’t want her photo taken and that it’s such a drag to brush her hair and put on new clothes. But, as soon as it’s just her and I in the studio, a switch is flipped and, before I know it, I have a performer on my hands!

She loves making different faces, and moving her head from side to side. Almost every click of the camera results in a different look! She also knows that the minute she tucks her hair behind her ears, I’m going to pull it right back out. I know she does it just to pester me. It’s just one of the many games we play!

I’m notorious for acting goofy and weird, meaning it doesn’t take much of goofy me before she’s busting into smiles and giggles! Of course, that also just means that she acts goofy back. Before you know it, we’re both laughing, smiling and having fun!

Summer Fun

July 23, 2012

Despite the 90 degree temperatures, the rainless thunder clouds, the dive bombing bugs and the very dry grass, RJ and I had a blast during his senior session. We talked, laughed and smiled, a lot!

RJ is going to make some young lady very lucky one of these days. He was a complete gentleman; moving chairs for me, letting me go through doors first, carrying stuff for me. I definitely noticed the little things he did, and I’m sure that lucky lady will notice them, too!

Add on top of that, his ease at smiling, and I can only imagine how much he charms the ladies! The first expression to cross RJ’s face was always a smile. While he can definitely work the serious expressions, they don’t stay for long.

Release Party

July 17, 2012

Every summer, Les Bourgeois Vineyards releases three Collector’s Series wines. They hold a wine label art competition for local artists to submit work to be displayed on one of these three wine labels. Excitingly, one of my images was selected as a winner to be displayed on the Collector’s Series Merlot!

To celebrate the release of the Collector’s Series wines, Les Bourgeois Vineyards hosted a Wine Release and Art Show this past Saturday. There was lots of wine tasting, a live band to listen to, yummy food to munch on and each of the winning artists displayed samples of their artwork.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support me! It meant a lot to see all your smiling faces, and was definitely the cherry on top of a fun and eventful day!

We ended our day with a short drive into the city of Rocheport, Missouri where we had rented a room at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast – the School House. A historical three-story brick schoolhouse was renovated and converted into a cozy and comfy B&B. Not only was our room inviting, but the breakfast that they served the next morning was delicious and the perfect comfort food to end a beautiful weekend.

Wine Release Party

July 10, 2012

One last reminder!

The Les Bourgeois Vineyards Wine Release and Art Show is this Saturday, July 14th from 2-7 PM in Rocheport, Missouri (15 Minutes West of Columbia).

You are invited to join me at the winery for wine tasting, barrel tasting and some art viewing, including a few of my landscape pieces. Of course, you will also be able to purchase a bottle of Merlot, featuring my winning image.

Lots of Smiles

July 6, 2012

Although these two sisters have very different personalities, they are super sweet to each other! I’m sure Mommy has some stories that she could share, but from what I saw, they were gentle and kind to each other…full of love!

Big sister, Ilena, had an absolute blast making Lily laugh and smile. She stood behind me dancing, talking, making faces and rolling on the ground. All in an attempt to get the best expressions out of little sister, Lily!

Of course, the truly best expressions came from Lily when we started repeating the phrase “That’s mine!” Obviously, Lily is learning how to share…and she is not a big fan!